Here Are 6 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Rock In 2019

  • By Anna Marsh
  • 26-11-2018
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social media marketing
Social media marketing is a reality now. With the passage of time, it has developed into a game-changer that can help a brand to take off in a matter of days.
Today, businesses big and small align their business strategy with social media marketing to increase their brand exposure. But it takes a good amount of research to create a social media marketing strategy that can generate the results.
social media trends
A major part of this research involves an in-depth analysis of the current trends. Every year, digital marketers publish reports on the growing trends that made an impact. Based on those reports, we bring here some of the social media marketing trends that will define the year 2019:
1. Make Use of Live Streaming
Live streaming has turned the things in favor of social media marketers and allowed them to connect with their audience in real-time. The incredible popularity of live streaming can be gauged by the fact that 17% of American people watch a live streaming video several times a week, Statista reveals.
Today, brands are using live streaming to introduce a product, share work culture, and have a one-on-one conversation with their audience. The growing influence of live streaming is a big indicator that it is going to turn the tables for digital marketers in the future.
2. Videos Will Attract More Leads
While live streaming is a good example of video marketing, marketers want to use the different facets of videos to showcase their brands.
According to the statistics published on Renderforest, 5 billion of videos are viewed on YouTube every day. That’s huge and getting the attention of such a big audience can definitely give you an edge over your competitors and hunt your leads. Therefore, if you want to continue to influence the potential leads in the coming year, you should make a strong presence on video-sharing websites, such as YouTube.
3. Instagram Will Continue To Rise
Instagram has evolved as a powerful website over the course of time. Wouldn’t you want to attract an audience of more than a billion people? I mean, that’s a big number of leads who can become your future clients. Instagram Stories is a major part of the success of Instagram. You can also hide, seen or read receipt on instagram direct message.
In other words, if you really want your brand to supersede the competition in 2019, you need to use Instagram as the launch pad.
4. Target the Generation Z
Generation Z is the digital natives who grew up with the emerging digital marketing platforms. So who else can be better people to pitch your brand than these guys?
Generation Z has come of age to become your next group of audience who want to buy your products and they have good money to afford it. Yeah, a lot of guys from Generation Z are in the workplace and they are making bucks. So if you focus on them, you have a good chance to increase your sales in the next year.
5. Integrate Chatbots
Social media chatbots are a thing of today’s digitally-driven businesses. French entrepreneur David A. Marcus has revealed in his speech during the 2017 F8 Conference that Facebook runs over 100,000 Facebook bots that process more than two billion messages in a month. These numbers say more than words.
Integrating chatbots on your social media profiles can help your business in more than one way. You can automate the marketing of your products. You can offer the best customer support services to your clients. And you can engage in a one-on-one conversation with your leads. All these things can contribute significantly to your social media marketing success in the next year.
6. Influencer Marketing
Being myself a digital marketing expert, I can take this liberty to say that Influencers are the most effective source of digital marketing. Today, brands work in tandem with the social media influencers to increase the publicity of their brand and make them more aware of their business.
According to a study by Collective Bias, 60% of consumers bought a product after reading good reviews on a social media post or blog. So if you want more people to buy your products, you need to join hands with influencers on social media who can spread the words about your business.
Over To You…
Social media marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies that online businesses can use to promote their brand. These are some of the ways you can make your social media marketing rock in the year 2019.

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