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Many businesses are making the most out of messaging apps. This gives access users on a personal level and a way to learn more about them.
The messaging app Telegram had 62 million registered and active users in 2015, and the number only grew since then.
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This could be an effective marketing channel for your business because people are active - more than 200 million of them - and sending over 12 billion messages every day.
This can mean more leads, more traffic, and more sales.
However, in order to create a good and effective marketing campaign on Telegram, you have to understand how this app works and how to best market your business with it.
What is the Telegram Platform?
Telegram is a free messenger app that works by using the internet just like many other popular messaging apps do like Viber, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.
This means that the messages are being sent through the internet, either WiFi, or your personal data.
- Telegram was launched in 2013 and so far has earned more than 200 million users.
- Its main selling points are speed and security. All activities like chats, groups and media transfers are encrypted. If someone intercepts your data, they won’t be able to  access it.
- It can be installed on any device.
- There was some controversy surrounding it in 2015. ISIS used it, for instance, and Russia banned it, but the app is still running well, with more than 200 million users.
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- Telegram gained 7 million users the first day it was launched.
- Telegram combines WhatsApp and Snapchat.
- You can contact other people who also uses it, and know when they have seen your messages.
- You can send text messages and photos that have a self-destructive timer (like the one on Snapchat).
- This blend has a lot of quality for users and brands alike.
- Message delivery is high speed.
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- It’s also cloud-based so you can access it from multiple devices, and there are no data limits, fees or subscriptions.
- It allows users to share multiple types of files and other information without toggling between apps.
- You can use many different techniques to grow your audience and build a loyal following.
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Whatsapp is a familiar and popular app. It has more users and more messages sent each day. Yet, Telegram offers a unique combination of security - in the sense that you can send images and various files with a self-destruct option and you have more security in general. Telegram is definitely offering more opportunities for brands than Whatsapp.
12 Tips On Building an Effective Telegram Channel
Here are 12 actionable tips for building an effective Telegram channel. These will help you build your channel from start to finish with best practices possible. Your marketing campaigns and promotions will benefit from creating a steady profile that can give your followers all the right information.
1. Choose a recognizable and relevant name

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Here are some tips on creating a name for Telegram:
- Your name should match your branding.
- Keep in mind that a shorter word is always better for branding.
- You can place two to three words in your name and 12 characters at most. This will make your name catchy and easy to remember.
Your name is what will attract the users to your channel. Make it interesting and related to your brand so that your audience can find you easily and so it attracts more people to your channel. You can also use a phrase or word related to your industry.
2. Match your name with the username
Your username should match your name. There shouldn’t be much difference between them because this would look bad and it would be harder for branding.
Add a word or change one if you want to keep it consistent. Matching this will help you become easily findable and your branding will be consistent throughout your profile. So, try to make it as similar to your channel name as possible.
3. Create a good description and picture

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A good description of your channel is always the best idea when combined with a relevant image.
- It will let your customers know what your channel is about and will allow them to make a decision whether to join or not.
- It will allow them to learn more about your brand, goals, and benefits they can get by following your channel.
Your channel picture should be your logo. Something recognizable would be best. You can also use your personal image, but it looks more professional when your profile picture is a logo or a banner that lets people know what your channel is about right away.
4. Use images in your posts
Your posts might be interesting, but they could be getting more attention if you had pictures to go along with them. Something attention-grabbing and mesmerizing.
It should be relevant as well so that your readers know what to expect. Images can be a great way to entice interest. You don’t have to just post images to go with your posts but you can also share personal images from gatherings and other occasions in your office.
5. Be consistent
“You need to make sure that your posts always happen on a regular schedule and at the same time each day you decide to post. Inconsistency will just make your customers confused and they will forget all about your channel. Create a steady schedule that you can follow,” says Rosa Torres, a tech blogger at Top Canadian Writers and Boom Essays.
Consistency is one of the most important things when you want to have a successful Telegram channel. People will expect to see your messages on a regular basis and if you miss to send them on your schedule, they will slowly stop following your channel and move on to other, more consistent channels.
6. Pick a good topic
Every post should have a nice topic that suits your audience and your marketing campaign. If you want to make sure that people follow you and actually engage with your writing and marketing campaigns, your posts should be highly relevant. Make them informative and valuable in the sense of providing information that can actually be used in real life situations. This will not only be great for your marketing campaign but it will also help you build a loyal audience.
7. Promote your channel
“In order to get people to follow you, you need to promote your channel on highly effective platforms like Twitter or Facebook. You can also use your Quora profile and your website or blog,” says Heather Storm, a digital marketer at Essay Roo and Academized.
You can find groups that are related to your topic or your industry and promote your channel there, link to your channel from your social media profiles, promote it in blog posts or on your website.
8. Repost interesting content
If you find an interesting document, file, article or meme or anything else that can interest your audience, you should share it.
- Drawing people in by starting conversations is a good way to build your following. You are also providing value to people in your network and you are allowing them to learn from you.
- You can also spark conversation this way and induce some engagement.
- Pass along some valuable resources, links, concepts, ideas and so on.
- Create a sense of connectivity around ideas, issues and various other things.
repost interesting content
9. Build your own tools
Telegram invited people to use their open source freely as they wish.
You can utilize this to create your own Telegram app and you can learn more about it by following general guidelines given by the community and you can do this for free too.
You can create your own messaging apps. This offers a unique way for users to offer specialized and flavoured features, and it can make your audience even more interested in your services and allow you to have more audience.
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10. Don’t advertise all the time
Businesses should make sure that they are doing more than just advertising all the time.
Of course, advertising is normal and something that you should do once in a while, but you need to send other things as well. For example:
- Send things that build connections and promote a good relationship between you and your audience. People will then feel like they belong to your community which is much more valuable than just promotions.
- You need to matter to your audience. They will feel much better about you, your brand and your messaging if you pay attention to their needs and create content that doesn’t just promote but also adds value to them. There are better ways to earn money from your Telegram channel.
- Answer questions as well.
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11. Run contests
Pose a question, run a small contest or a giveaway if you want to draw more followers to your channel.
- Offer rewards for sharing your channel on social media.
- You can do something like “like to win”, a selfie competition or something similar that can be interesting and rewarding to your followers.
- You can also design a voting contest which would encourage your followers to engage with you and offer their opinion. This could be useful if you want to increase the number of followers on your channel.
Any kind of competition that you can set up is a good idea to make your channel more visible and more popular because of the engagement.
12. Be nice to your followers
If a follower responds to your posts or posts something about your channel, you should always:
- Return the favor to the follower that responded to your post, posted something about your channel or did anything similar.
- Pay attention to this and the interests of your followers to get an insight into what they are most likely to share and what you can do to make your channel even better.
- Make them feel appreciated and happy and they will always share your posts from then on.
- Create personal relationships as well:
create personal relationships
In Conclusion
Telegram could be an effective marketing tool in your marketing campaigns.
However, you need to make sure that you are ready for your Telegram marketing campaign by clearing out your channel before you start and that you are sure of what you want your channel to be about.
Engage with your followers, offer them useful information and be friendly with them.
Follow these tips to make sure that you are on the right track of becoming the next success story of Telegram channel marketing.

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