How to Find the Right Facebook Audience

  • By Ilan Nass
  • 14-02-2019
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Facebook is an extremely powerful tool for marketers. After all, it has upwards of two billion active monthly users. Clearly, marketers have the chance to reach many potential customers when advertising on Facebook.
The following tips will help you leverage this tool to its full potential. Before planning and implementing your next Facebook marketing campaign, keep these points in mind to ensure you’re reaching the best audience possible.
Creating Audiences
Again, there are a lot of people on Facebook. Not all of them will be ideal customers for your business. You don’t want to launch an ad, only for it to reach users with no interest in your products and services.
That’s why Facebook lets marketers target specific types of users with ads via the Custom Audience feature. For example, perhaps you’re marketing a fintech app. Your site’s blog could increase brand awareness by providing users with helpful information about various financial tasks.
Perhaps you have an extremely popular blog entry about how to set a budget. You can use Facebook’s Custom Audience from Your Website tool to reach users who viewed that post. Because they’ve already demonstrated a degree of interest in your brand, they’re the kind of people you may want seeing your ads.
Facebook also makes it possible to target users who share key similarities with your existing customers. With the Facebook Lookalike Audience tool, you can create an audience that’s similar to your current followers, email list subscribers, and more. This helps you attract new leads.
It’s also possible to target users based on demographic factors. That said, while you may have some understanding of who your ideal customer would be, it always smart to learn more about the types of people interested in your business. Facebook Audience Insights helps you do so. For instance, you might use the Facebook Pixel to generate an audience of users who have already made a purchase on your site. You know they are willing to buy your products, and thus, you want to learn more about them.
The Audience Insights feature provides information about specific audiences that you can use in the future when determining who to target with your ads. You can find out where most of your customers live, what their interests are, what their average age is, and more.
With Audience Insights, you can also set parameters to learn more about specific types of people from your audience. For example, maybe you also have a physical shop, and you’re planning a major sale for the holidays. You might use Facebook ads to generate buzz. Using Audience Insights, you can set parameters so you only get information about people who already live near your shop. This makes it easier to determine what users you should target when launching that campaign.
That said, it’s also important to use Facebook ads to bring users to specific sections of your website. Merely bringing them to the homepage won’t yield significant results. Users who click on your ads are interested in something specific about your business that the ad alerted them to, whether it’s a product, sale, email subscriber list, or anything else you might promote. Make sure your ads link to relevant pages.
You also need to monitor your campaigns to learn which tactics work best for you. Again, Facebook is a very useful tool for marketers. By monitoring your performance and targeting the right users, you’ll use it as effectively as possible.

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