The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media Engagement for Businesses

  • By Alma Causey
  • 21-02-2020
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The biggest worry of the year 2020 is how to bring more ENGAGEMENT to your blog/website/app. 
All SEOs, all social media managers, and even digital managers, are worried about how they can get more engagement and make their traffic convert into paying customers. 

But like any expert digital marketer would know, social media has a set of unwritten rules that all must follow if they want to rank higher in the search engines, social media, or even in digital communities. 

If you are unaware of these rules, then this post is all about that. We will help you understand all the rules that you need to know to engage faster, rank higher, and get more profit.

Let’s discuss the dos and the don’ts of social media engagement in 2020 and how you can get more traffic to your blog and websites, especially the users that convert faster.
Do’s Of Social Media Engagement
Let’s learn the basic ethics of promoting your content on social media to gain trust, build engagement, and grow traffic to your website. 

Post Regularly
The first rule of social media posting is to post regularly. Many people lag in content promotion because they don't post regularly. So, create a social media page, make it ready for promotion, and then create a content calendar.
You need to be aware of what you will be promoting and when. Keep a note of the holidays, events, and special days, which you can promote to get more shares and eyeballs on your content. 
You can even use social media scheduling tools to post regular content on social media.
social media
Share thoughtful content
Your posts should be on-topic and directly relate to your business. Don't just post anything. This author has seen posts related to cats and dogs on pages that were not related to entertainment. 
This type of posting is often seen with a frown by your audience. So, only post about jokes that your market understands.
Here is a joke about server administrators that someone in the hosting industry can post on their social media page.
Source: Pinterest
Promote content through organic and paid mediums
Don’t just rely on your social media pages for your content reach. It won’t help engage anyone. 
You need to promote your content through social and paid channels, both, to create an impact. That’s how Facebook algorithms work. They will only show your content to more people if you promote the content through paid mediums.
Build trust with replies
Your content is nothing if you are not engaging people. 
After publishing your content on social media, the next step is to build trust by replying to messages and engaging people. If someone is replying to your content, engage with them so that they may know that your page is ‘lively.’
Help instead of selling
As a social media manager, your motive should be to help, not to sell.
Most social media managers get confused about helping and selling. They think that they can sell more if they stay consistent with their schedule. But the reality is that they need to help people to sell faster. 
Helping makes people remember you. Selling is not considered a good move on social media.
Don’ts of Social Media Engagement
Now that we know what the ‘do’s’ of social media are. Let’s learn about the don’ts and things that you should avoid.
Don’t spam the channel
An obvious one. Spamming the social media channels only bans you from using it. Facebook has become just too clever, and you can't spam your way to success anymore. 
Even if you have multiple accounts, Facebook is going to catch you. It has recently started screening people based on their national IDs. So, avoid spamming for good.
Don’t use hashtags unnecessarily
Hashtags were a great way to promote your content on social media, search engines, and even on blogs. But people abused them. 
Now, no search engine gives them importance. Although they are still in use by marketers, search engines now give more preference to keywords. So, use hashtags sparsely. Only use hashtags where necessary, and you will be able to rank your websites higher in no time.
Don't use auto Direct Messages
What do social media users hate the most? 

Auto direct messages. Unless your audience awaits your messages, you should not be sending them auto direct messages. 
This only turns them off and most will decide to ignore your messages. Some may even unfollow you permanently. Moreover, it will impact your brand’s reputation.
Messages like these are a BIG NO!

They will make your followers ignore you once and for all. And, it will also dilute the impact of your messages in the future.
Don’t obsess on numbers
Most marketers have an innate sense of obsessing too much on numbers. However, on social media, numbers don’t always tell the truth. 
You won’t be getting the number of traffic that your Facebook page will tell you. Similarly, you won’t get the same number of conversions that your Facebook ad campaign will tell you. So, the numbers can vary. 

Similarly, if you have 10,000 followers on Twitter, does that mean you get a higher rate of conversion on a website? 

That is not always true. 
Most people that have 10,000 followers don't even get 5% of these numbers. You would be surprised to know that half of these followers are bots.
Don't automate social posting
You can use a social media post scheduler for your website. But, don't automate the social posting for all channels. 
One social media post may not work for all mediums. Some posts may work for one channel, and some posts may work for another channel, but there is no guarantee that one post will work for all of them. 
By automating them, you will not be able to monitor what is getting published on your social media channels. Even a single wrong post can have a devastating impact on your social channels.
Source: Twitter
What's Next?
Social media channels are one of the safest and long-lasting option to get potential traffic on your website. However, to make your content work on social platforms, you need to follow several practices. We hope that this blog has helped you learn about these practices in detail.
If you think we have missed anything in this blog, then let us know in the comments below.

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