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  • By Janny Thomas
  • 17-07-2019
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The best password manager software for Windows offers an easy & effective solution to keep all your credentials safe. It helps you protect all your passwords at one place in a secure encrypted vault. You can use these smart tools to avoid security threats online & offline both. These smart tools help you secure numerous passwords in most effective manner. In this article, we have reviewed some of these best tools to keep your passwords and data security intact.
TweakPass: In the list of the best password managers, TweakPass stands for #1 position. Use this powerful tool to never forget a password again on your system. This powerful password manager tool allows you to keep all your passwords secure at one place. Here, you can all your passwords in an encrypted secure vault for better protection. It reduces the risk caused by intruders or cybercriminals using best security mechanism. Use TweakPass to avoid using sticky notes any more.
Features of TweakPass
- Offers single master password to secure all your passwords in an encrypted secure vault.
- Offers automatic data syncing to help log in to different accounts effortlessly.
- Allows you to autofill forms online to save your time.
- It is available as browser extension as well for Chrome, Firefox. Microsoft Edge, and Opera.
Keeper: Keeper is one of the best password manager software for Windows that offers tons of useful features. Use its smart security features to keep your passwords safe every single time. This powerful password manager tool is trusted by millions of users around the world. It helps you protect your data in most effortless manner. It helps you protects your passwords and data no matter how big the collection is. It helps you prevent data breaches, cut helpdesk costs, improve employee productivity, and meet compliance standards.
Features of Keeper
- Its zero-knowledge security platform meets all your password security requirements.
- It works on intuitive user interface and works seamlessly on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
- You can configure this smart tool as per business requirements.
- 24/7 customer support for complete protection.
Bitwarden: Bitwarden is open source and free password manager software that offers plenty of useful features to keep your data safe. Here, it allows easy file attachments where you can 1GB of file storage. You can try its premium membership to explore tons of other useful features. It offers powerful two-step login (2FA) feature with option to use it through authenticator apps. Here, you can even use email for two-step verification.
Features of Bitwarden
- TOTP verification codes help you secure authenticator keys and login directly to vault.
- Priority customer support to offer comprehensive security for all passwords.
- Protects passwords on Windows, macOS, and Linus systems.
- Offers browser extension for complete security.
- Also available as an app for Android and iOS devices.
LogMe Once: LogMe Once works on innovative skillset and quality to help you secure your passwords on your device. This secure, advanced, and easy to use tool saves a lot of your time and protects you 24/7 from all threats online or offline. It offers effective identity access management (IAM) at its best. It offers easy and user-friendly administrator console to easily manage and control your passwords. It displays multiple information like total SSO< locked-out accounts, shows failed & successful access, overall password strength, average usage time, and more.
Features of LogMe Once
- Easy identity management features to provide access to right people.
- Offers password less photo login to save your time.
- Mugshot to help you find intruders in your organization.
- Multiple authentications and login options for better security.
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Using above mentioned best password manager software for Windows, you can easily protect all your passwords and login credentials. In addition to above-mentioned software solutions, if you know more such password manager tools, then feel free to share your experience by emailing us.

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