10 Prongs To Assemble Your Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns in Advance

  • By Sunny Chawla
  • 05-01-2019
  • Technology
augmented reality marketing campaigns
Augmented reality is a new form of marketing. It is gaining support from the customers. Here are the 10 things to consider when developing an augmented reality marketing campaign.
1. Explore the alternatives
Always consider your options before selecting the solutions. There are a variety of substitutes to consider. For example, image recognition. It creates a campaign that lets customers to scan the product code or package to see the brands reviews.
2. Simple concepts
The marketing campaign should be simple that could be understood by the audience easily. The campaign should not be overloaded that makes the customers think long. It should deliver the message quickly.
3. Give proper instructions
People are awestruck when they see augmented reality development marketing campaign for the first time. It sometimes becomes necessary to guide the users, if they are less tech-savvy. When it comes to scanning the codes or packages, the customers are on their own to handle, so it is necessary to give proper instructions on how to use it.
4. Make augmented reality a useful experience
If the augmented reality does not serve the purpose will be a waste of time. The usefulness must be created with the campaign. For example, adding an educational value will be a good choice. Learn about the target market so that they could be provided with the best results.
5. Stay loyal to brand identity
The augmented reality campaign should match with the brand identity. It should deliver the same image as the brands’ personality. If the brand values are fun and youthful, then the campaign should also be the same as that of Pepsi’s famous AR – powered sci-fi bus shelter.
6. Should be in accordance with the location
The campaign should be designed according to the location or content it serves. It is very much important to understand where and how the customers will be interacting with your content. It is often seen that the best-augmented reality campaign takes advantage of the physical environment. Like that of Grand Visual’s “Angle will Fall” experience for Lynx/AXE.
7. Test the Concept
Create a full proof campaign. Test the concept before launching it to in the market. The test will provide with an insight about the project. It will let you understand how the target customers have perceived it. Create a proof of the concept by a demonstration that is easy and cheap.
8. See the target customers
The augmented reality marketing campaign should be created keeping in mind the customers it would serve. It should not be something that would not be understood by the customers.
9. Keep the cost in mind
Consider the total cost of the marketing campaign. It should be in such that is defines concepts. The revenue generated must be able to cover the cost of the marketing campaign.
10. Track the interactions
Keep a track of the interactions that take place through the augmented marketing. It helps in generating the analysis of the whole concept and how successful it was. And it will provide with insights for amendments.

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