10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Full Stack Developer?

  • By Shefali Basu
  • 08-05-2020
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why your business needs full stack developer
In the present world, technology keeps on changing with the needs and demands of people. With these changes and up-gradation, the lifestyle of people has become more accessible and comfortable. Also, the virtual world has become intense over time.
For all this to happen and work smoothly, businesses need to create a robust and interactive website. But creating and maintaining a website is a costly affair and requires developers. So, where does the problem arise?
The problem here is, when a company has to hire developers for web development, they need two different categories of developers. This means frontend and backend developers separately, which is mostly a costly affair.
So now, what is the solution to it? To hire a full stack developer is one of the most cost-efficient and hassle-free solutions, a businessperson can think of. With this, let us discuss 10 reasons why your business needs a full stack developer.
Who is a full stack developer?
Before, why let's discuss who and when related to full-stack development. This section is specifically for those who are newbies in this world of development and technology.
So, a Full stack developer is a person who designs both the frontend and backend of the website alone. It means the look, design, and feel, which is the frontend of the website, and the backend, which is the admin and functioning part of the website, both are managed by the same person.
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates full-stack development employment to increase from 135,000 to over 853,000 by the year 2024.
If you are amazed by this, then let us begin with,
When does your business need a full stack developer?
If you are confused as to when is the right time to hand over your project to a full stack web developer, then here are three times when you need to hire a full stack developer.
- It is needed when you need to develop a Minimal Viable Product(MVP) for your projects.
- A full-stack developer is necessary when there is a requirement of the project manager who must know what the client exactly wants and how to deal with it.
- Also, when your project budget is tight, but you need spectacular results.
Benefits of hiring a full stack developer.

1. They are Versatile:
A full-stack developer, as mentioned above, is skilled in both frontend and backend development. Just for a quick review, a backend developer writes prototype codes that help in connecting your website in connecting it to other management systems.
On the other hand, a front end developer designs the look and feel of the website. A full-stack developer does both of these works single-handedly. This is because of the world-renowned versatility of full-stack developers.
2. Easy switching:
An expert full stack developer can switch between frontend and backend as per the need of the project. Any error in the entire code can be tackled by the full stack developer alone. Since only one person is designing both the frontend and backend, he/she comes out with flying colors because they have a better plan of action.
3. Sea of experience:
One can never doubt the skills of a full stack developer. This is because they have vast experience in their domain, and hence it improves productivity. Also, having experience means they also have in-depth knowledge of both frontend and backend.
4. Understands design well:
Since a single person builds the design and the functioning both, it becomes easier for a full stack developer to understand the design of the website well. And the design structure of a website is the most crucial thing for web development companies.
If we think logically, we can see that if the whole design structure is worked upon by a single person, then it becomes easier for him or her to operate it at any level whenever needed.
5. Up-gradation:
Professional full-stack web developers are capable of making your project user friendly. Also, a full stack developer keeps himself upgraded to all the latest technologies making himself again the best choice to hire for your project. In short, up-gradation is easier for a full stack developer.
6. Saviors for small scale businesses:
Small scale businesses have a tight budget, less employee capacity, and less experienced workers. In such cases, the good-to-go option for a small scale business is to hire a full-stack web developer.
This small step allows them to save money and helps in coming out with excellent results in projects.
7. Troubleshooting is easy:
Experienced Full stack developers are well versed with every little detail and stage of web development. Their skills are good enough to help them identify troubles during any stage of the project. Generally, the solutions provided by a full stack developer help in the optimal functioning of the website.
8. On-time delivery:
When you hand over a web development project to an experienced full-stack developer, then there is no room left for hassles. Mostly, when we hire separate frontend and backend developers, then their conversation gaps or some other mutual factors create a delay in the project deadline.
This is why companies prefer to hire a full stack developer because a single person has to manage the whole design structure, and so there is no delay in meeting the project deadlines.
9. Complete ownership
A full-stack web developer can take complete ownership of the project. This means that both designing and functioning are looked after by the same person. The same person deals with every issue that arises in the program.
The client also has a single point of reference to interact with. It helps in reducing the hassle of communication among different or large team members.
10. Cost-efficient:
As discussed earlier, hiring a full stack developer is more cost-efficient than hiring different frontend and backend developers. Also, when you have a tight budget but want a spectacular website, then go for hiring a talented full stack developer. You can thank us later.
In a Nutshell.
Being a business owner, you always need to deliver the best projects to your clients, but this does not mean that you always have to spend a massive amount on projects. The saving can be done by simply choosing what is essential and by prioritizing your needs.
If you need a cost-efficient, on time, yet best in class project, then you must look for web development companies which provide full-stack developers. Also, it would help in keeping things hassle-free and more confidential. So it's up to you, and you need to choose wisely, pal!

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