15 Productivity Apps To Help Keep Your Writing Goals On Track

  • By Lori Wade
  • 08-11-2019
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Are you procrastinating again?
Sometimes you are having a hard time avoiding distractions. You have tried everything from throwing your gadgets, deactivating your social media accounts, and others, but still, you get distracted. It looks like willpower is not working at all. Fortunately, there are productivity apps that can help you get out of the distraction spell and get your focus back on track.
Coach.me will help you get started. It is a multi-platform app that applies digital coaching and community encouragement to help writers in building new and lasting habits.
This app will not just hold you accountable to write every day but also get encouragement from other writers to build a habit just like you. You can use the “Add a note” section to record your word count.
Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? If not, well, it is a time management method that uses a timer in breaking down work into intervals with 25 minutes length known as Pomodoro.
Pomodroido is an excellent Pomodoro timer that you can download from Google Play. It is customizable, easy to use, and lets you record your task for each Pomodoro.
If you are having a hard time resisting Facebook and other social media apps, there is one app that can help you out. The FocusOn blocks access to websites and apps. Once you enabled it for a certain period of time, you will have a hard time shutting it off.
Trello has gained popularity among many writers. It is a web-based productivity app that is somewhat similar to the old school method of using index cards. The possibilities for writers are limitless. You can use the app to create to-do lists, track research, prioritize submissions, and others.
To help you track time and manage your projects in Trello, you can use a time tracking for Trello. You can check the best mobile development app to find the perfect time tracker. Trello is recommended for fiction writers as you can easily create a short or novel story, add chapter lists, and create individual scene cards for each chapter.
Use the Freedom app to help you keep on the right track as you complete your task. Freedom blocks some distracting apps on your iPad, Windows, iPhone, or Mac until you have completed your task. Freedom is an excellent app if you need really to focus.
If you need something that can block predetermined websites for a certain period, you can try SelfControl. With this app, you will not be able to access designated sites until the timer runs out.
Write or Die
If you are taking too long to complete the word count you need, there is an app that punishes you – the Write or Die. It is an application designed for Mac, Linux, and Windows that aims to get rid of writer’s block by giving you consequences for procrastinating and rewards you if you complete it on time.
This app tracks the time you spend on a website and application to provide you an accurate picture of your day. RescueTime can block distracting websites, so you will remain focused on the task.
Set the word count you need, the writing period, and the consequence of procrastinating. If you were not able to complete it, you would be faced with annoying pop-ups, and you will surely regret it.
Want to have a distraction-free writing session? Anti-Social could be the answer to your problem. This app will make your writing session distraction-free as it blocks all social media while you are working.
Relax Melodies
Some people want to work in an atmosphere with some noise. It helps them focused on their work. The Relax Melodies is a noise creation app that enables you to listen to sounds of soothing music, waterfall, nature, and more fantastic sound effects to choose from.
This is an excellent app perfect for freelance writers. Clockspot is very easy to use. It lets you track your hours spent on each writing task, and provides accurate productivity reports for billing purposes.
You will feel calm and enjoy working on your task as this app provide a wide array of background music and noise that will help you get focused on what you do. Some stations you can choose from include Today’s Biggest Hits, Ambient, Mellow Indie, Cool Jazz, and a lot more.
This app gives you access to vast soundscapes and creepy, eerie music. It is recommended for those who want to listen to background noise while writing — best for suspense and fantasy fiction writers.
Writer’s Block Buster
The app will help you plot your development, writing mechanics, and character development.
Are you having problems focusing on your work? WriteRoom will help you keep focused. This app is similar to the full-screen version of the word processor, but it does not let you add screenshots or insert pictures. You will not be able to format with this app. All you can do with this app is to write, write, and write.
Out of focus while writing? No need to worry. Let these 15 productivity apps help you keep your writing goals on track and submit your tasks on time.

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