5 Best Smart Home Gifts

  • By Darya Tsygankova
  • 02-11-2018
  • Technology
smart home gifts
If you are struggling to figure out what to get your family and friends as a gift for the upcoming holidays, this is the list you have been looking for. Smart home gadgets are fun, easy to use and very useful, so you will probably nail this.
There are plenty of affordable smart home gadgets that are very nice as gifts. These are my top 5 smart home gifts that you can get your friends and family members.
1. Drop Scales
Have a friend or a relative who is considered about his diet, or just loves to cook? This is a perfect present for him. Drop is a small connected scale for food and meal ingredients. You need to connect it to your iPhone or iPad, launch a related app and it will guide you through the cooking process. It will help you to measure the precise amount of ingredients required to cook the meal. Do not worry if you run out of some ingredients - Drop will scale up or down the recipe, or replace missing products from it. Drop is a wireless gadget, it is easy to clean and will surprise you with its durability.
drop scales
2. Mijia Bedside Lamp
This bedside lamp is a perfect fit for a present that you can give literally anybody. This device seems simple, but don’t underestimate Mijia Yeelight. There is a bunch of powerful hardware and software behind this sleek design. Connect Mijia to your smartphone and adjust its light color choosing between 16 million colors. With a simple touch and slide, you can adjust brightness and colors. What is more, you can connect the lamp to your smart home assistant, and set it to change color and brightness according to the temperature and humidity in your house.
mijia beside lamp
3. Nest Smoke Detector
Some gifts are more practical than the others. If you want to show how you care about the ones you love, keep them safe. And Nest will help you with this. It is a smart smoke and CO alarm with the ability to test itself automatically. When Nest detects smoke it will alert you about fire by phone notifications and via a smart home assistant, if connected to. At night Nest will work as a lamp and light up if you move near it. It will not wake you up at night because it runs out of battery – first, it sends a non-distractive message to your phone. And when you hear an alarm and see that you have just burned your toast and nothing more, then just hush the alarm via your phone.
nest smoke detector
4. SmartPlate
This device is a huge help for those who watch their nutrition and track the proteins, fats and carbons they eat. The SmartPlate looks like an average plate, but it has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules to connect to your phone and the Internet. The plate is literally watching what you eat with the help of small built-in cameras and weight sensors. Take a photo of your meal, and the related app will analyze the energy value of your meal and its composition. If you serve too much, the plate will warn you about that. To manage your diet easier, connect the plate to your MyFitnessPal or FitBit apps.
5. Google Home
Google Home is one of the most popular personal smart assistants for home. It works as a smart speaker, intelligent personal voice assistant, a management hub for your other smart home devices – the opportunities are numerous. Ask Google Home about your day plan, weather, news, word definitions, and a lot more – it will answer and do whatever you ask for. It easily integrates with the majority of other smart appliances so you will not have to struggle with this.
google home
As you can see, there is a wealth of ideas. You can choose a gift that fits everyone, or pick something special to help someone accomplish their tasks. Take this list as a guide to action or just use it to generate your own gift ideas.

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