5 Major Reasons Why Technology Is So Important For Businesses Today

  • By Elizabeth Mailey
  • 08-08-2019
  • Technology
importance of technology in business
To be honest the first thing that I do when I wake up is to look at my phone, then I get ready for work while looking at my phone. I have breakfast while looking at the TV and book a ride for work through my phone. This is how technology drives my morning routines and let’s be fare the rest of the day till I go back to bed again.
If we take the corporate world into consideration, as we live and breathe in the year 2019, it’s hard to imagine working at a place some 30 years ago where your desk consists of a typewriter, a pile of files and paper work. Where managing inventory and stock keeping was to search for the product physically. Where reaching out to your potential leads and investors was to be physically present with them.
The purpose of this article is to shed light on how important is technology when it comes to making effective business decisions and how it has opened the world for us.
Driving Force behind Production:
Two decades ago a production line would have more human resource employed to perform a certain task. But now with the advancement in robotics technology we can now dedicate smart operations to machines that produce goods at a faster rate. Businesses now also have the ability to program machines to work 24/7 without human intervention. This has made production fast and effective with the least amount of downtimes incurred.
Cost Cutting:
The implementation of technology does not necessarily have to be costly. We do see technological solutions available for small enterprises as well. Due to the propagation and competition between tech solutions providing companies we see technological solutions being developed for every corporate enterprise no matter the level at which the organization operates on.
Even if the cost for the implementation of technology is high, smart organizations are evaluating the benefits in the long run. In the long run technology is bound to save business and process costs as the employee training costs are lowered.
Custom Business Solutions:
With the advancement of AI technologies enterprises can now have the option to setup custom software solutions that act as intermediaries between numerous departments operating inside the organizations.
These algorithms can process information faster and adapt to the changing environment of the organization. The AI technologies work by using cloud computing, which most of the organizations report have significantly increased productivity and efficiency. These custom software have made it easy for the organizations to place effective efforts towards customer and vendor relationships.
Intelligent and Faster Services:
Without technological efficiency it is almost impossible to survive as the competition is ever increasing and there are a lot of similar services available in the market. What gives an organization edge over others is how the organization priorities their audience.
With the propagation of technology organizations are able to provide fast solutions to their stakeholders and also are able to keep the consumer informed about new products and technologies that will help keep the consumers stay loyal.
Enterprises now also have the ability to properly analyses and segment different niches present inside the target market and come up with business solutions that can specifically target each of the individual differences inside the market. This process has helped the consumer feel as an integral part of the organization and hence engages on a repeated basis.
Employee and Business Security:
We live in a world where information theft and other cybercrimes have become a leading concern for organizations and the employees working to deliver the best solutions to the consumers. When an organization faces cyber threats it becomes a challenge to operate freely on a daily basis.
With ever changing complexities and techniques used by cyber criminals, tech security companies are now able to provide security solutions that keep unfortunate events like these at bay. Cyber security companies are constantly working hard in tandem with other organizations to take preemptive measures to safe guard the internal network of an organization and are also educating employees how to identify and notify cyber threats before they hit the internal networks.

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