5 Predictions for the Future of Machine Learning

  • By Sanjay Kumar
  • 03-11-2018
  • Technology
machine learning predictions
The advancement in technology has directed us towards the unlimited incredible innovations happening each day. From the virtual assistance, you asked for your favorite restaurant to the share in which you recently invested- AI is everywhere. Businesses are influenced by the smart machine works which provide more accuracy than sapiens. The incredible works like prediction analysis, pattern recognition, voice and face recognition, are driving the soul of these smart applications. This advancement is improving day by day.
Nobody exactly knows that in which direction we are moving, but one thing is sure, till now, these advanced AI technologies like the machine and deep learning have made complex things simple in various ways. These are the upcoming innovations you will watch in the latest years:
1). Smart Hardware: 
The traditional CPUs are perfect enough for executing a few types of machine learning models. But the advanced GPUs with an increased number of simple cores are more beneficial for processing complex ML models. Let’s talk about the latest Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) used in ML applications which perform well over the GPUs. But sometimes, these advanced FPGAs doesn’t provide desired outcomes on GPUs. So they demand more powerful and affordable resources. 
With the advent of cloud technology offering these powerful infrastructure and platform resources for developing smart applications, more and more organizations are getting access to these powerful resources. In result, an innovative environment with varieties of new products and services. Various information available over the internet including Machine Learning Course, infographics, blogs, e-books, tutorials, etc., also promote people towards the development of these applications. This enhancement in hardware technology will impact almost all the sectors leveraging AI technology- including ML. 
2). Drug Development: 
Drug development comprises long and complicated procedures. Machine learning algorithms enable solutions to accumulate all these medical information streamlining the methods involved in developing procedures. Thus, drug discovery has become more efficient.
Just like the way healthcare sector is using advanced tools like IBM Watson for diagnosis and drug discovery, there are chances that one day these algorithm advancements will bring us towards the development of the tool which will find the cure of fatal diseases like cancer.
3). Enhanced Security:
Whether it is the fraudulent transaction detecting algorithms used in the Fintech sector or monitoring service used to acknowledge the server traffic- ML is involved everywhere. As companies are engaged in developing more secure strategies and services, attackers are also leveraging more advanced attacks like DDoS to drain out your resources and make your business resource exhausted.
4). Robotics on its way:
Well, if you think one-day Robots will replace human from their workplace. You are completely wrong. It will not be some one-day because it is happening now. Talking about the inventions like an autonomous vehicle whose market is projected to reach 65.3 billion USD by the end of 2027 to the tools used for content curation or automated chatbots replacing customer support from the businesses. What are they exactly?
Yes, these are those machines about which everyone is throwing thousands of lines of the challenging debate over the social media or other internet platforms. Well, this advancement is not just limited to intelligent chatbots or self-driving vehicles, but there are robots like Sophia which have already marked their presence very effectively becoming the first robot to get nationality of any country. There is many more on its way. One fine day- almost 80 percent of the organizations will be monitoring machines through a machine. Whether it will be a manufacturing industry for an operation to supply chain or avionics sector using drones for delivery.
5). Personalized Experience:
Currently, the ML enabled technologies like recommendation engines has emerged as a powerful tool for digital businesses to attract more visitors and convert them into qualified leads. But, in reality, a few people found it annoying as it is not that perfect fit for their requirement. They don’t find what they actually want.
The upcoming machine learning models are targeted to personalized real user-experience by providing effective and accurate suggestions. Companies are working on providing accurate real-time data to improve the user experience.
Final Words to Take Away:
One thing you will able to notice among all these predictions- technological advancement. The technology is evolving at an unstoppable pace even faster than it does in decades. More and more new products are getting introduced as most of the businesses are adopting these technologies to increase their productivity and business strategies every day in this competitive market. Maybe one day in the future, these technologies will provide the solution to mysteries of this universe.

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