5 Project Management Trends Disrupting Industries in 2018

  • By Wendy Dessler
  • 31-08-2018
  • Technology
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Like all areas of business today, project management is evolving. Technology and new trends mean change is inevitable whether you’re working in marketing, tech, or even retail. In 2018, the keyword is productivity. Project managers are discovering new ways to encourage employees to perform their best to achieve the highest levels of productivity yet. 
So what trends can you expect to see this year and beyond? This list shares the top 5 trends all project managers should become familiar with to stay on ahead of the curve. 
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1. Data Decisions
In 2018, it’s all about finding new ways to use data. Not only are companies finding new ways to collect more data, but they’re also looking for ways to put this information to efficient use. Data is useful for understanding trends over time so project managers can make more informed decisions about the success of their projects. 
Data-driven decisions make organizations more efficient, and they lead to higher success rates within teams. By anticipating project and cost changes in advance, project managers feel empowered to make stronger decisions. 
2. Remote Teams
You’ve probably already become familiar with the remote revolution taking over the country and the world today. Remote working is the new reality of organizations today, and it leads to a lot of new benefits and challenges. Online project management software helps bridge these gaps in remote workers and management so teams can collaborate even when working from across the globe. 
By empowering employees to work remotely or hiring contractors remotely, companies give teams increased freedom to work in conditions that drive their own productivity. Statistics show employees who feel free to make or adopt a flexible working situation are more productive than the traditional 9-5 office structure. 
3. AI Productive Tools
Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of every industry. Not only does it help reduce time spent on trivial tasks, but it leads to more accurate data collection. AI technology can be seen in employee feedback tools like Glint that allow organizations to monitor the health of their company. In more tech-specific fields, AI tools like AppOptics report JVM performance in real time.
There’s an AI tool for every project manager across industry lines. The development of this technology means having access to skilled analytical tools, more accuracy, and increased productivity. Learning new ways to use resources within an organization efficiently is the benchmark of success for project managers. 
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4. Privacy Management
All organizations are focused on privacy as news surfaces every day of new data breaches in well-known companies. In addition, most companies are turning to cloud solutions for storing company information and documents. While cloud solutions are a great option for staying organized and keeping teams collaborative, they introduce new security concerns. 
Project managers are taking privacy management seriously by looking for security solutions. Things like cloud signature technology and network patches make sure employee and management information is secure no matter where it is being accessed. 
5. Focus on Diversity
Finally, there is an initiative within the world of project management fighting for more equality and representation. Like most higher-level management fields, there is not much diversity found in project management. This disparity is even more noticeable in tech fields where men reign supreme. 
Workplaces across the country are looking for new ways to build an inclusive, open environment where everyone has room for growth. Groups like Women in Project Management and Vets2Pm are fighting for equality for those already underrepresented in management positions, while other groups are still gaining traction. These positive changes continue to make a difference in this space. 
Future Trends
These are the rising trends taking over 2018. In the next few years, we can expect to see even more changes as a new generation of employees begins to take over the world of management. With a changing workplace, it’s hard to know where these opportunities will take industries. From diversity to AI tech, these trends are disrupting workplaces all over the world. 

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