5 Reasons Why It Is Crucial For Your Business To Have A Professionally Developed App

  • By Michelle Joe
  • 08-10-2018
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Are you a business owner looking to make it big in the industry? If so, you must consider the recent changes in the market.
Things have changed drastically in the past decade. The technological revolution has changed consumer behavior significantly. Now, regardless of whether you are a B2B or a B2C customer, digital solutions matter to you. Whether it be Airg spam or Snapchat, different apps exist for varying functions. Now, customers expect you to deliver an app to them regardless of what your product is. Non-game app download revenue will increase to $180 billion.
This is why you should get a professionally developed app for your business. Statistics signify that the number of mobile app downloads is going to increase to 258.2 billion in 2020 from the current downloads of 178.1 billion. 
Still not convinced about the importance of having a professionally developed app? Here are reasons that might change your mind.
1. To make sure you are on your customers’ radar all the time
customer's radar
App usage is increasing day by day. According to statistics, Americans alone spend over two hours every day on their smartphones. This means that to stay relevant and visible to your customers, you must access them via mobile devices. Even if your app isn’t something they use every day, being on their smartphone allows you to send them notifications. Remember, visibility is imperative if you wish to ensure that your customers don’t forget you.
Why do you need a professional developer to make your app? Because only experienced developers can create icons that stand out and features that allows you to send notifications to your customer even if they don’t actively use the app.
2. Delivering value to your customers
Business isn’t merely about selling your product or service. It is about building a long-lasting relationship with your customers. You don’t just need to make one sale per customer. Instead, you need to increase customer lifetime value.
How can a mere app help you do this? Well, if you design it carefully, it can deliver various benefits and immense value to your customers. For instance, you can include a loyalty program in the app. This gives customers an incentive to use the app and interact with your brand. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it makes sure that your business remains at the top of their mind. Secondly, it builds customer loyalty, thereby strengthening customer relationships.
3. Building a brand rather than a business
Ever wondered why some companies can get away with charging more money for their products and services? How do they justify the premium charged? They do so by building a brand. Customers don’t pay for the product; they pay for the brand. Take Apple for example. When you buy its phones, you don’t just get a smartphone. You get an iPhone. The distinction is essential for customers.
Branding is crucial for the success of any business. If your company has an app, it can allow you to build on your brand. Branding isn’t just about logos and themes. It is a promise that the seller makes to customers. It is about effective communication. If you have a professionally developed app, you can achieve all these aspects of branding.
4. To increase sales
There is a common belief that only apps that allow for transactions to occur can play a role in increasing sales. This is a misconception. You shouldn’t need to view your business app as a platform where you close deals. Instead, see it as a touchpoint where you can access customers. Customer satisfaction and the overall perception they have of your business drive customer sales. If customers find your offering, including your app, to be fruitful, they will naturally be attracted to the products and services you deliver. Here, customer experience is integral. This is why an app developed by an amateur might not do the trick. Customers look for easy to understand interface and an aesthetically pleasing app. Only a professional can help you with this.
5. To shine through
Even though the world is going digital, most businesses are quite slow to realize it. Many think that non-game apps cannot flourish. Only a handful of companies offer apps. This is why you must have one. It will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Remember, unless your product offering is unique, the chances are you are surrounded by other companies that are delivering the same type of service. It is the extra efforts that allow some companies to do better than others. In today’s world, the extra effort you need to make is in the form of a well-developed app.
How to develop an app for your business?
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Are you sold on the idea of developing an app for your business? If so, the next question you should ask is how to go about the process. As we have stressed before, you must give the job of app development to a professional. There are two approaches you can take.
- Create an app development team
If you want to do the task in-house, you must recruit app developers for the job. Don’t merely give it to your IT department. This is because while they might be great at their job, developing an app goes beyond their area of expertise. We will advise you to hire a team only if you think that the cost of having an in-house team will be justified by the value delivered to the organization.
- Outsource or hire freelancers
A much more cost-effective solution is to outsource the task to app development companies. These companies are made for this sole purpose and hence deliver the much better result. Not to mention that they can get much more people on the task than you would have the budget to hire.
Final Remarks
Your business needs an app. develop it and stand out from the crowd.

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