5 Things You May Not Know About Using The Home Security App

  • By Anthony Blair
  • 12-06-2019
  • Technology
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Gone are the days of only having our door bolt as our security system. No longer will we have to spend restless nights worrying if someone's going to break into our house and steal all our stuff, or worst, harm us. Today's technology has progressed faster than we can comprehend and with it came new tools and gadgets to make our home a lot more secure and safe. Home security systems are becoming the norm. More and more homes are mounting security cameras all around their property as well as motion sensitive lights and alarms. The latest step in home security is connecting the entire system to an app through the internet. Wherever we may be, we are never too far away from checking up on our home. So let's take a close look at some of the things you can do with your home security app.
1. Real-Time Monitoring
This is the most obvious way that your home security functions. Because the app is on your phone or a tablet, and with the use of the internet, you can check up on your house wherever and whenever granted that you're connected online. Real-time monitoring is a huge advantage especially when you have people at home or if you want to check up on your pets.
2. Making Adjustments Remotely
One huge advantage of having a home security app is you can control the functions of your home through your phone or tablet. Let's say you noticed that one of the light was left on, it is easy enough to open up the app and turn the light off remotely. A door that was left unlocked can be locked through the app, as well as set the alarm wherever you are. The app also features push notification to alert you when a light was left on or a door was left unlocked. No need to constantly monitor your home, the app will do it for you.
3. Letting People in Remotely
Did you know that with your home security app, you don't need to leave extra keys under the rug for when your friends come by? Through the app on your phone or tablet, you can get a notification that someone's at the door and you can just unlock the door to let your friends in even when you're not home.
4. Getting Notified when Alarms go off
You may have set up alarms around your home that are off limits. Maybe the upper floors are off limits to guests or master's bedroom is only for mom and dad. When people go into these areas or inside certain rooms, the alarms will go off and you will get a notification right on your phone of what is happening. You can then quickly address the issue or turn the alarm off. You can also use this feature to restrict people from going into your gun drawer or liquor cabinet.
5. Adjusting the Thermostat
This might not be a priority security feature you want to have for your home but it is pretty neat. Through your phone from the couch, you can set the temperature of the thermostat. You can even do this in other rooms around the house. Even when you're not at home you can set your desired temperature for when you have pets inside.

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