5 Ways Voice Assistants Are Changing Lifestyles

  • By Megan Dennis
  • 28-08-2018
  • Technology
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What are voice assistants? 
These are a new form of easy to use technology that use natural language processing (NLP) to match user text or voice input to executable commands. By making things more accessible to you and doing tasks like ordering pizza, or sending a text message, or searching for the nearest café in your area without you even having to lift so much as a finger, they lessen the burden on your minds and bodies. 
A Mindshare report estimated in 2017 that 600 million people use voice-activated assistants at least once a week globally, whether that is through Echo and Google Home devices or on smartphones. Unsurprisingly so, voice assistance is most popular amongst millennials.
Voice assistants such as “Siri” or “chrome cast” or “Alexa”  have made lives tremendously easier and more convenient. Basically a voice assistant can be placed anywhere in your house and can be easily accessed by your vocal commands. They tend to fulfill even the smallest of tasks such as changing the channel on television or setting an alarm for the oven. There is a long way still for voice assistants to completely take over our lives but here are some proven areas as to how voice assistants are beneficial and are changing lifestyles
1. Multi-tasking:
It has become more convenient to multi task with the help of voice assistants; as you move from one room to another, they can assist you to get your chores done simultaneously. For instance, you could be ironing clothes but need a weather update you can simply ask the voice assistant to guide you about the weather or even the traffic routes in the city before heading out. They can also assist you with your diet and exercise plans along with knowing what you love to read and listen to. They become a technology based best friend. You can easily look up for recipes or have the voice guide you to make the perfect meal or bring out the inner crafter in you. 
think with google
Source: Think With Google
2. Technology more like Humanity:
These voice assistants are the latest forms of technology that are competing with the human race. The aim of Artificial Intelligence is to develop the machines to perform the tasks in a better way than the humans, which means, it aims to be as similar to the way humans function as possible; that’s what gives them such a personal touch.
Google’s chrome cast works with saying “hey Google, xyz”; whether you are asking it for advice or whether you want to compare and download a medical app in your phone, or even if you want to listen jokes or to play games with it, it will be done.
technology more like humanity
3. Implementing progress:
Many people might disagree but using and utilizing voice assistants in their daily lives is helping us make great progress in the completion of our tasks. Voice assistants help you more than a personal secretary could, as thanks to the flawless memory of Artificial Intelligence, it can keep track of all your notes and records and maintain your appointment schedules. They definitely make your lives a 100 times easier, flexible and your goals and tasks more achievable.
implementing process
4. Brands:
Many different companies are starting to provide their own set of voice assistants, as there is now a huge market for this technology. Voice assistants are kind of becoming a status symbol now. Homes with voice assistants seem more luxurious and technology savvy.
Each voice assistant is different from the other but their basic purpose is to help achieve/complete our basic day to day tasks. They help us accomplish our daily goals and keep pace with our hectic life schedules. Different brands come with different qualities of services. Many people choose their voice assistants according to the brands they are the most comfortable with.
5. Psychological Relief:
psychological relief
The stress of having to remember the time for tomorrow’s meeting at work or your appointment timings with the doctor while working fulltime is too much. Our brains experience a constant inflow of information, because of which it often becomes difficult for us to retain the information that is actually important.
Thanks to Voice Assistance, we are relieved from the task of remembering things, hence relieved from the stress of worrying about forgetting things. 

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