8 Popular JavaScript Frontend Frameworks To Opt-in 2020

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  • 23-10-2020
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Apps are the essence of the fast-paced technological world we live in. But, the process from grain to bread behind the construction of every app is so enormous. To simplify the development process from the developer's point of view and to have greater reactivity, engagement, and superior performance from the customer's point of view, choosing the right platform for the construction of apps is essential. In this regard, popular JavaScript frontend frameworks have always had greater feasibility, popularity, community, accessibility. The pros have always been looked upon and had a huge user base. According to Stack Overflow’s survey, 67.7% developers prefer JavaScript and its frameworks which shows the popularity of JavaScript all around the world.

Popular JavaScript frameworks 2020
Thus, JavaScript platforms are always a very right choice to opt for due to the countless benefits of the JavaScript frameworks. But, choosing the right and updated platform among the JavaScript platforms is essential to cater to the developer and users' needs. Thus, here are the popular JavaScript frontend frameworks to opt-in 2020.

React is a splendid JavaScript stack, with many unique features like the virtual DOM that renders user-friendliness, quick updating of changes, more reactivity, etc. Developed for Facebook, it's a parental entity that is an excellent example of what React stack can do – it can handle voluminous traffic, maintaining stability like Facebook that uses the React platform. Thus, many popular companies that use JavaScript framework resort to React and hire react js developers for a great app to be developed with desired characteristics at an affordable price. Above all, react js development is easier than other platforms used for development as even beginners can learn it easily and thus improve productivity and foster SEO friendliness.

Angular is one of the renowned, top JavaScript frameworks and has a greater reach due to the number of awe-inspiring features it offers. The top Angular JS features include support for animations, hosting of migration assistant, easily navigating between functionalities and support for add – ons and permitting of unit testing. A look at the popular applications built with Angular framework includes Microsoft, Apple, Google, YouTube, etc. proclaim the diversified apps that used angular js development and got a fantastic going.

Reusability of the code and addition of other extensions make the front end JavaScript frameworks angular a popular choice among the top companies.

Vuejs is one of the most popular front end frameworks, which is highly preferred because it can optimize the apps' performance. The optimization and greater performance of the apps are due to the light weightiness of the Vuejs platform. Vue js development is also so versatile and profitable as the integration with existing projects, and other libraries is quite easy. The progressive nature of the framework aids largely in constructing user – interfaces. Customized features for the developers, possibility of two–way communication are other additional amusing feathers on the Vue JS cap. Thus, one can hire Vue js developers when the functionality has to be developed from scratch.

Launched in 2006, JQuery is one of the relatively old front end frameworks, which still withstands the test of time and its competitors due to its relevancy in the world of mobile and web development. This relevancy in this JavaScript web development framework is primarily due to all writing shortcodes, and jQuery abundantly supports it. Hence, highly responsive, easily modifiable, add – on supporting web-based JavaScript applications can be developed with jQuery. In the same regard, jQuery also supports rendering, addition as well as deletion of numerous elements, transverse these elements, etc. Thus, simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand with jQuery.
Foundation is an excellent JavaScript front end platform that offers maximum comfort for working in all the devices, medium, accessibility by rendering greatly customized features, flexibility, and readability. With these benefits for the users, the platform also renders excellent contentment to the developers. The setup process is so simple and easy and, as a result, of which customization of solutions is so easy. The JavaScript development company and the developers also aim to add many other additional elements, code snippets, and features, along with templates of HTML. Also, the workflow with the Foundation framework is streamlined. Its widespread community is yet another backup and strength it offers to both the developers and users.

Launched in 2011, Emberjs is one of the best JavaScript companies that has grown so popular in a very short duration of time because of the highest levels of productivity it renders and offering a very scalable and stunning UI architecture. The other pros are that switching from one project to another is easy with Ember js, and integration of add – one is so simple, easy, and numerous to try out. Meanwhile, companies that use JavaScript  know about coherent dev tools that are one of the unmatchable and unique benefits to enjoy from Ember js. Hence, with all these amenities, ember JS can contribute to a great developing experience in the construction of web and mobile apps, for beginners and experts alike.

Backbone JS is one of the most popular front end frameworks. It is a lightweight platform that is favorable to many developers for rendering an instantaneous response and great performance to the users. It is the core constitution while constructing famous apps like Trello, CockTail search, etc. The backbone framework also functions in a unique way. It helps in structuring the apps by key-value binding and as well as with custom events. Also, the backbone helps in portraying all the data as models that can be generated, validated, and saved in the server. The ever-expanding community, automatic updating of HTML by the backbone, etc. are some other benefits to enjoy. Thus, as the name indicates, the platform acts as a backbone to every project made and helps in making the closed simple, organized, and useful.

Svelte, a relatively new and modern JavaScript stack to create apps, with its sleek design, is the best choice for small projects, with a relatively smaller team working on it. The benefits of JavaScript platform Svelte are that it is easy to handle and suits the best for developing single-page applications of any complexity and variance. The aim with which Svelte was developed is precisely the same – to reduce the number of lines of codes written and create scalable apps and apps of higher performance. Additionally, the lightweight solution that can be crafted with the help of Svelte also eliminates the need for a vast and exhausting library, thus enhancing the app's performance.

The amount of impact applications have in our lives, professionally and personally, is so huge. As important as the apps are for us is the platforms for constructing those apps.  JavaScript is one of the top sought platforms, and it has highly scalable and exclusively has many different platforms for many other purposes. For example, there are exclusive JavaScript platforms for handling massive traffic, javascript for DevOps, etc.

Thus, choosing the right platform/stack for the apps is essential, and the aforementioned are all the top platforms of Javascript 2020.

How significant is the JavaScript native app?
The primary significance of JavaScript native development is that apps for Android and iOS with better user experience (UI) can be developed. Also, as the native apps are designed for a particular device / operating system, the app can be easily integrated with all the device features – camera, etc.

What is the full stack javascript framework?
Full stack JavaScript framework is the framework that helps in the development of both the client-side and server-side, i.e., both front end and back end development, and such developers would be trained in the front end, back end, and database.

What is the JavaScript latest version, and what does it offer?
The JavaScript latest version is ES9. Each version is highly scalable, bringing up new features and upgrading the previous ones. ES 9 hosts great features like synchronous iteration, regular and constant expression movements, spread/rest properties, and other functions and extensions like Promise.Prototype.Finally().

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