Advantages And Disadvantages Of SharePoint LMS

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  • 23-05-2019
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sharepoint lms
SharePoint is storage and a document system that is an integrated part of Microsoft app development. The product was launched in the year 2001 and is considered highly configurable. The use of the software system varies within industries and companies. Many companies use SharePoint for content management or project management or intranet.
The companies often tend to follow a similar platform for learning management systems (LMS). It might be an easy consideration as many companies prefer to use a similar platform for a better understanding of the system among the employees. However, it is not so simple to use SharePoint LMS as the other management systems work in the company.
For any big or small companies, the software system plays a major factor in the business. With the right tool, a company can reach new heights. While with a wrong turn, the whole company can face a huge loss of time and money. SharePoint app development is famous among many enterprises for its project management and content management systems. Many use the software for a ticketing system in the companies. However, there is still a question that remains behind the system. Is it a feasible option for the long run? There are a good number of benefits of using the Microsoft system in a business. However, every system has its advantages and disadvantages.
Some of the advantages of the SharePoint learning management system are as follows.
SharePoint has a mixed reputation in the dot net development company market. However, even with that, it is quite popular for its corporate intranets and collaboration sites. Some of the advantages of SharePoint LMS are listed below.
- Integration with Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Excel is used by half of the world. This is a huge benefit to SharePoint as it is an integral part of Microsoft. According to the asp .net development services SharePoint incorporates perfectly with all the other Microsoft products. This benefits the companies by saving time while collaborating with different projects. The time-saving automation can be saved in office 365 and all other applications as well. The top advantage of SharePoint is that it is an excellent email marketing tool for any enterprise.
- Customizable
The SharePoint system can do anything the company wants it to do. SharePoint is not a Microsoft product; it is a platform on which a company can build anything. There are basic functionalities of SharePoint. However, most of it works under the customized development of the software system. With the availability of the expert, a company can develop anything on the platform according to their needs.
- Central Storage
The best usage of SharePoint is to store a large amount of data and files to a centralized location. With the strong organizational structure of a company, nothing is impossible or difficult to find with SharePoint. With a discipline maintained in the team, SharePoint can be the best platform to store data and files.
- Document Management
According to the Microsoft app development companies, SharePoint is a great platform for management tasks and document management is its strong point. It helps to track the employee working on the document and help detect the changes among the collaborators. It manages the security and permission of the documents. It helps to look for documents in huge libraries and scan to capture tools by saving paper. These can be a huge benefit to the companies that handle a lot of documents.
- Layers of sites
Because f the benefit for the SharePoint platform, all kinds of resources can be used among the team members. Because of the huge intranet system, it helps the members to keep connected and organized. With the benefit of creating multiple layers of sites, the system can save storage space as well as enjoy the vast data.
Some of the disadvantages of the SharePoint Learning Management System are as follows.
There are some serious disadvantages of SharePoint LMS in a company. Although it is famous for its benefits, SharePoint app development has its pros and cons.
- Complicated maintenance and set up
Many companies consider SharePoint as a great platform for their company. The companies think that using the platform is very easy. All they have to do is buying and set up to enjoy the benefits. However, the complexity of maintaining and setting up the system is costly and complicated. There are some amazing functions of SharePoint that highly benefit the company. To avail of all the functions according to the needs of the dot net development company, the company needs to hire developers. For big companies, the developers are available but for startups or m=small sized companies, there can be a huge investment in shaping the system as per the needs of the company.
- Expensive
The companies might feel that once it is developed according to the requirements by the developers there is an end to the expense. However, that is not the case. The major disadvantage of SharePoint lies in the license structure. It is quite difficult to find out the exact amount required to an onsite server. Depending on the number of users running the server the price usually ranges from $7000 to $9000.
- Employee training required
No matter how tech savvy an employee is, he/she will require training to make use of the most of SharePoint. Especially, when the company goes through a customized platform. There is no free training of SharePoint. If a company has a few employees to train, it can be pretty expensive. In addition to the cost of money,  companies also have to bear a huge amount of time loss.
- Poor search capabilities
One of the biggest limitations of SharePoint that is stopping the enterprises from using SharePoint is its poor search qualities. Many companies do not find it a big deal but eventually suffer the outcome of it.
SharePoint is well known for its collaboration, communication, and productivity. However, SharePoint is not always a wise choice for a platform for your business. It is best for the asp .net development services companies that are huge and have in-house developers for customizing the software or can afford to train their employees. Before choosing the platform, the factors must be considered.

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