Advantages of Using Service Robotics- How Robotic Automation Has Now Come to the Fore

  • By Koyel Ghosh
  • 19-07-2019
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In the last few decades, high-end developments in the world of robotics has not only made robots more insightful and user-friendly, but has also made them pretty affordable. And, with a gamut of benefits on board, it’s no wonder that the use of this exclusive mechanism has now been extended into almost every sector. From medical field to industrial manufacturing, feats of robots are no more an untrodden reality.
Excellence and precision-
The fact that they are more constant and accurate than human workers has got them widely appreciated. Being able to perform a myriad of tasks at a time, robots are best known for their flexibility and suppleness. Apart from allowing for enlarged production that paves the way for faster completion of work, robots also make sure they are an active contributor toward an inflated profit margin. With their ability to work 24/7, they really don’t demand for any vacation, break or leave.  Making way for considerable fewer mistakes than that of human resources, they tend to save company time as well.
Ability to work round the clock-
Be it any environment, service robots can get along with any situation, adding to their resilience. Their ability of working even in perilous environments has now made them a preferred choice over humans. When they can manage bearing with heavy loads, they can also deal with toxic substances at large. Also, when it comes to repetitive tasks, there would perhaps not be a better solution than getting them done by service robots. This way, it has actually helped companies prevent many mishaps as well as accidents, thereby saving time and money to a significant extent.
For the last few years, the use of robotics has also become quite rampant in the medical field. Robots are easily able to reach and fit where human hands cannot, paving the way for greater precision. And, that’s the reason why certain intricate surgeries always tend to take recourse to agile robotics technology. Prostate cancer surgery is one of such complex procedures that demands the aid of robots to a substantial reach. Also, a number of researches have been conducted and it’s revealed that surgeries that involve robotics are comparatively less invasive procedures and less painful for the patients at the time of recovering.
Quality work-
The abundant benefits offered by robots have opened the access for their use in innumerable sectors. Their efficiency to be modified provides business ventures with the much-needed pliancy to use them for a number of different tasks. Most importantly, there is no doubt in the fact that robots will always deliver nothing other than quality work. As they are exclusively designed for accurate, repetitive gesture, they’re less likely to make mistakes. And, it would, in no way, be wrong to define robots as employees and an excellent control system. Devoid of unwanted flukes and oddities, robots almost eliminate the leeway for human error, forming an ideal product every time.
Job formation-
Now, when it comes to job creation, robots never tend to take jobs away. It’s hardly like they would ever change the jobs that already exist. In fact, it works otherwise. Robots do need manpower for monitoring and management. The more robots are there in a company, the more human resources they would need to put up those mechanisms. By training teams to get collaborated with robots, the business venture is actually giving them a reason to stay stirred in their position with the organization. They will not only be there for more improvements, but they will also have the best prospect to grow a new set of skills that are compared to none.
Happy employees-
At the same time, employee satisfaction is really important whenever it’s about enhanced work quality and increased productivity. The fact that service robots are often allotted tasks that employees don’t really enjoy, like tedious work, droning wave, or hazardous jobs, would make the employees feel happy in more than one way. In fact, they will be able to focus more on different engaging tasks that are more likely to involve brain than that of nerves. They might want to reap the benefits of additional educational prospects, deploy the employee wellness program on board, or participate in some ingenious workplace project. Anybody in a workplace would certainly be happy to let the robots do the work that wrecks their nerves out.
According to Allied Market Research, the global service robotics market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR from 2014–2022. Rising need for automation, high labor cost & dearth of skilled human workforce, increase in investments in R&D activities, and availability of affordable and energy-efficient robots propel the growth. On the other hand, high initial investment & installation costs are expected to check the growth to some extent. However, development of smartphones & other mobile devices, increase in application areas, and rise in emerging economies have almost downplayed the factors and created multiple opportunities for the key players in the industry.
To conclude, we can state that the service robotics market is expanding quite profusely and in the next few years to come, it’s going to thrive yet more. Advantages such improved usability, delivery of top-end services, accountability and curtailed down operational costs as well as human errors have made service robots witness huge acceptance among professional as well as personal applications. Right from healthcare and agriculture industry to logistics and construction business, use of robotics has now become quite prevalent indeed.

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