Best Possible Ways To Use Augmented Reality In Classrooms

  • By Jacqueline Romero
  • 24-12-2018
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augmented reality
The world is advancing on a great pace. A few decades ago there was no concept of mobile phones let alone smartphones easily capable of controlling everyday tasks for a human being. Scientific and technological discoveries have made their way in almost every field of life including health, business, fashion, and education. These are excellent innovations which are a great help to the people using these.
Smartphones and worldwide web is now considered the technology of the past. In the recent era, the latest technology is considered to be the augmented reality. Augmented reality is quickly making its way to different sectors of life and has a major impact in the education sector of the world. However, considering its high cost, it is currently only found in the educational institutes of the developed countries.
What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality is the way to superimpose information with the help of technology in the real world around us. It could be text, images or sound. Augmented reality is different from virtual reality. In virtual reality, the surroundings shown are not real and are created by technology. Whereas in augmented reality the surroundings are of the real world and information is just added in the existing reality. A prime example of augmented reality is the game Pokémon Go. The Pokémon could be seen in the real world existing around you.
Some ways to implement augmented reality in classrooms
There are multiple ways to implement augmented reality in the classrooms.
Premade resources
Premade resources is an excellent way for the teachers to reduce their involvement in technology in order to plan and develop teaching plans; while still making the lectures as engaging as possible for the students. The students will only need a smartphone to experience the written context of the book in reality. These apps build up curiosity in the students and they are inclined furthermore towards digging deeper.
Aurasma is one of the most used apps by the education sector. The teachers use this app to create a customized AR learning experience for the students. Regardless of the nature of subject, this app can be used to convert the lectures into interactive sessions for the students. The students can simply scan the questions, whether of mathematics or art and enjoy an interactive learning experience in return.
Daqri Studio
Daqri studio is another productive option for teachers to be able to create and design their own AR experiences. It is specifically beneficial for science teachers who teach chemistry and biological sciences. It helps the teachers to create 3D images of a plant, human body or different species. It has also enabled the teachers to bring periodic table to life and make it more interactive and interesting for the students to have better learning.
It is an excellent invention for the elementary and primary level students. It has coloring pages for different subject areas. When the students connect the app with it, the pages come to life and become animated. For example, if he student is coloring an airplane, it will come to life when connected with the app and the student will be able to color it while its animated version is flying over a real place in the world, such as a beautiful beach or even Disney land.
AR enabled worksheets
AR-enabled worksheets help the students to enjoy the augmented reality even by staying at home. It also makes the homework procedure more engaging and interesting. These worksheets help the students to complete their homework by staying at home and simultaneously engaging with the AR technology. It is especially beneficial for the students who have the least interest and focus in education.
Laboratory safety
Augmented reality can be incorporated in the educations sector by enabling augmented triggers in the science laboratory. This technology will help the students to experience different uses of the laboratory apparatus and how safety is ensured with the help of different measures.
Word walls
With the help of AugThat, the students can enhance and improve their vocabulary and grammar. A wall of different words can be created in the classroom which can be learned by the students with the help of AugThat. The app will bring the words to life and explain the meanings and usage of the words in an interactive and interesting way.
Augmented Reality is the latest and quite effective way to increase students’ learning experience. It helps the teachers to create the classroom environment more interactive and engaging which ensures the interest of students in the lectures. It also helps the student to maintain their focus on the lectures and learn better.

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