Combining Mobile App Development and Blockchain: Why It is the Right Time

  • By Rob Siri
  • 04-11-2020
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A lot has been spoken of the potential that blockchain technology holds in opening up new vistas for businesses as well as for the society as a whole. It is believed that this revolutionary technology is going to empower the rich and the poor alike.

The technology is being aggressively adopted in the business world, and hardly any industry is left untouched by the capacity of this technology. In fact, blockchain has the potential to help certain industry leapfrog the revolution it brought in the finance sector.

The Transformative Power of Blockchain for Business Operations

Companies seeking ways to use digital technologies to improve their value chains have a reason to rejoice. Blockchain is emerging as a powerful tool for significantly restructuring the ways in which companies operate, and consequently unlock the trapped value that inadvertently gets consumed in repetitive, time-consuming procedures.

When the technology is leveraged in decentralized application development, robotics, IOT, artificial intelligence projects, etc., it can fetch far greater benefits.

Each company tries to safeguard its data and records by keeping the important information on a ledger and this process is becoming even simpler through decentralized app development. Companies exchange a lot of information with its clients, employees, and other components in the value chain like suppliers, service providers, etc. on a daily basis. There is a high chance of sensitive information being misused, for which the company needs to plug the leak at its source. At the same time, the process of exchange of information is complex, time-consuming, and fraught with inefficiencies that can happen at any time during the lengthy process.

This is where blockchain enters and changes the game altogether. Cryptocurrency app development has gained astounding popularity among business owners as it enables the exchange of values that include financial or social assets as well as contracts in a secure environment.

Blockchain by design assures trustworthy transactions and boosts security while increasing cost-efficiency and process optimization. In fact, it gives power to even the independent business players to streamline their processes and control the access to sensitive data.

By virtue of its design, blockchain builds trust into every transaction via attributes not available in standard database models — thus boosting security, increasing cost efficiency, and optimizing reconciliation processes. With blockchain, even the independent players can now work together to streamline processes in their organization, all with controlled access to sensitive data, rather than relying on the traditional redundant systems. For instance, integrating a crypto social media app development in the systems can help them share information within the company in a confidential and confident manner, without having to worry about the consequences of sharing too much information. An internal decentralized social network developer can easily build a system to allow sharing data with employees in a safe manner.

Blockchain technology can transform business operations in three significant ways:

1. Reinventing the Processes
When companies give up the traditional ways of working and following duplicative processes, they can easily utilize their capabilities to improve the way work is done in the organization. They can better control the way their employees and peers interact with and act on shared data.

2. Improving Employee Productivity and Work Quality
By drawing information from a mutual data source through decentralized social network app development for employees, companies can build trust among shareholders. They can eliminate one-off data updates, errors, and exceptions.

3. Increasing Transparency among All the Participating Members
By connecting data across the value chain, blockchain gives the opportunity to every participating member to foster a culture of transparency and real-time data sharing. This step helps boost trust and minimize risk in the organization.

Blockchain Impact on Mobile App Development
One of the biggest advantages of blockchain is that it goes beyond simply automating old processes and replacing them with new technologies. Blockchain has a major impact on the way companies operate with increased levels of data transparency, removal of redundancy, and replacement of inefficient processes. It completely restructures the way a company works.

Blockchain is enabling cutting edge technologies such as robotics, analytics, machine learning, applied intelligence, decentralized social media app development, automating repetitive tasks, etc.

This breakthrough technology is now helping developers build highly secure mobile apps and is opening up a whole new world of opportunities for both mobile app developers and end users. Some of these benefits include:

1. Enhanced data protection
2. Greater data transparency
3. More secure mobile payments
4. Protection of mobile app infrastructure
5. Eliminating the need for traditional passwords
6. Improved product traceability
7. Increased efficiency and speed
8. Reduced cost per transaction

Companies need to Begin Planning for Blockchain Now
The latest advancements in digital technologies allow virtually everything and everyone to connect.

The time is right to begin planning and mobilizing time and resources to plan how to use this transformative technologyto tap value trapped in key operational processes. A good first step to achieve this is to evaluate the processes by making use of a formal framework to determine the potential areas in which the benefits and impacts of the technology can be materialized.

Companies need to think how they would want to approach blockchain, what they would like to achieve through it, and who would they want to collaborate with on it. This discussion should be on every mobile development company’s agenda so that they are able to keep abreast with the changing times and are able to take their organizations to the next level.

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