Discover the Pros & Cons of Apps and Website: Which is Better Option?

  • By Sawoni Chowdhury
  • 05-02-2019
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apps or website
For a business, winning the audience is always the foremost concern. It mobile strategy often creates the difference between winning and not winning customers. There are two approaches to mobile strategy – build a website like PHP/Laravel development or mobile app development. Both can ensure success in the search of winning customers provided your are right with resources, business plants and marketing tactics. Some businesses prefer websites to take their products and services to customers while some give app the preference for the accompanying benefits. Pros and cons are linked with both and it’s better to first know that before going ahead with them.
Mobile Website
Websites for mobile are not the same as those for desktops, laptops and PCs. They are quite unlike regular sites and designed keeping mobile devices in mind. So naturally, they will perform better only on hand-held devices as they are built with responsive design concept. Their content, text and everything will have a uniform appearance across all sizes of screens. Such websites are perfect for smartphones and tablets as often created keeping in mind the ever-growing mobile penetration in the world.  They are fit for marketing and PR strategies, are deemed superior to apps in terms of compatibility, accessibility and outreach.
- A website can enhance the use experience across mobile devices and unlike mobile app, does not require OS and device-specific versions
- Websites are perfect for integration with any type of mobile features and provide multi-device support
- A better option than apps to reaching a broader audience
- Minimal upgrade and lower support and maintenance than mobile apps
- Mobile websites can’t utilize all smartphone features effectively and they won’t work better with GPS, camera, etc.
- Not as convenient as mobile apps in terms of broad access of content
- Unlike an app which can run locally, websites won’t
Mobile App
Mobile apps are known for offering faster and broader access to content than mobile websites. They also deliver smoother interactions and several studies have shown how users prefer apps over websites for surfing the web. They are driving the growth of e-commerce shops and also very effective where a business plans to set up features linked to the device’s in-built functionality like cameras, scanners, GPS etc.  Apps are also important where a lot of elements like images, text, music and video are required in functional and dynamic mode. Apps are also perfect for interactive games, office tools and booking services.
- Apps are more convenient than websites, offer superior user experience, load content quicker and are easier to use
- App designs fit different screen sizes more elegantly that websites do, and they are good for personalization
- Provide offline access to the content as well
- Only compatible with different operating systems when created that ways
- Need more time and money for support and maintenance
Clearly, it all boils down to the needs of a company as both, apps and websites have pros and cons each. So, hire a top web development company and choose the best for your business.

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