How Android Can Help You to Get Quick Loans?

  • By Anthony Blair
  • 21-01-2019
  • Technology
android for getting loans
Mobile phone – a small device capable of doing monumental undertakings.
I can’t imagine anyone not possessing a mobile phone as we speak. People from different generations, from Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Generation Yers to the all-too-familiar Millenials, have been unquestionably dependent on this device since the first Motorola was created back in 1973.
According to Statista, a reliable, online statistics portal, the number of mobile phone users will reach a staggering five billion by 2019 and around 2.5 billion of those are Android users. And this number will be multiplied as long as the internet shall live. I have just recently switched from an iOS to an Android operating system and let me just say, without a biased judgment, that I’m never going back. Why?
- It’s affordable.
- There are a lot of different models.
- Can custom ROMs.
- Integrated with Google (We all know Google is King)
- More mobile apps! (Wait, more FREE mobile apps)
And speaking of mobile apps, people have been commending a lot of Android mobile quick loan apps. This may sound ordinary to anyone who has not tried borrowing from a quick loan but quick loans have helped thousands of underprivileged people in Kenya prosper and millions all across the globe. M-Pesa, the leading mobile money transfer service in Kenya and Tanzania, has lent thousands worth of dollars to Kenyans, especially women, and helped get themselves out of poverty.
Why Android is Better for Getting Quick Loans
If you haven’t meddled with fast and efficient mobile quick loans, you’re probably wondering – how does Android help you to get quick loans?
First off, it’s Android’s versatility – that’s how. But let’s dig deeper on how Android can give you quick loans faster than any operating system.
- Mobile phones with Android operating systems are more affordable. Hence, more people (even students) can afford to buy these gadgets and download quick loan apps, if the need arises. Unbanked individuals can surely borrow from quick loans as well.
- These quick loans are considered as unsecured loans. Obviously, no collateral is needed when borrowing from these platforms. However, don’t think you can get away with borrowing money THAT easily. One of the eligibility requirements for some mobile quick loans is your call and text log. This is one way to assess if you have creditworthiness.
- Android mobile phones are integrated with your social media accounts and Google accounts. Most of these quick loan apps don’t care about your credit score, by the way, so yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. They base your creditworthiness on your social media presence. Consider this as a quick loan “background check” procedure.
- Because all transactions are done online without the middleman putting you under painful scrutiny like in a traditional bank loan, you will have control over all loan factors such as the loan amount, payment terms, interest rates, and all other vital information related to your quick loan. It will be easier for you to gain access to everything too.
- With an Android operating system, the registration for these quick loan apps is quick and easy. You will only need to input your name, mobile number, ID number, email, and all the necessary information to proceed and you’re done. Loan disbursal can be as fast as a minute!
- Android can help you get quick loans economically too. Before M-Pesa was launched in Kenya, the nearest bank from a bucolic location was 9.2 kilometers away. Borrowers would have to pay for transaction costs to go to and for a financial institution. With access to an Android phone, it’s favorable for borrowers in terms of convenience and transportation expenses.
Financial matters are a given in a person’s life. If you’re someone without any financial problems, you wouldn’t even be reading this article in the first place. But thankfully, a lot of brilliant innovators have given both middle-income groups and poverty-stricken people regain their confidence by aiding in their monetary problems.

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