How Super Apps Could Transform The Mobile Marketing Landscape

  • By Mushahid Khatri
  • 04-02-2021
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Smartphone technologies have evolved a lot these days. Whether you want to get food or you want to get a taxi or you want to send a parcel, there is an app for everything. However, downloading multiple apps has created a burden on the smartphones of customers due to increased size. That is why the demand for an all in one solution has increased among the customers.

This increased demand has led to the emergence of Super Apps. They are not like single apps that are only focused on just one vertical. Instead, super apps centralise many functions at a single place so that you can complete your tasks easily.

Apart from this, super apps are also capable of changing the marketing landscape as it allows you to enter into the app marketing by making mini-apps that are easy to develop. A mobile marketer can harness the power of super apps to extend the market reach for its product. So if you want to market your services effortlessly, then making an all in one super app is the right choice for you.

For making a super app, you can hire software development company or you can think of hiring a remote team to build a super app for your business. But before you start, you need to look out how super apps could transform the mobile marketing landscape.

What are the super apps?
Initially, the term super app was coined by Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis. He called it an ‘ecosystem of many apps‘ that people can use to fulfil their daily needs. So basically, it is an app platform that provides multiple services such as food, taxi, grocery, parcel, etc. under one roof.

But the idea of the super app was implemented first by WeChat. Initially, WeChat was launched as a messaging app in 2011. But after some time, it got converted into an ecosystem that can support numerous apps over a single platform. Not only WeChat, but Indian payment service provider Paytm has also made a super app by allowing the third-party apps to provide their services on its platform.

However, the concept of super apps is not just limited to the eastern countries the western countries have also started using super apps for their business. Big brands like L’oreal, Facebook, and Nike are also considering making a super app.

How super apps can be used to grow mobile marketing?
Super apps have made life easier for both the customer and the business owners. Thanks to the super app, the customers do not have to download multiple apps on their smartphones. This will not only free them from scrolling through the apps but also it will free the memory of their smartphones.

On the other hand, businesses can also start providing multiple services to their customers by using robust super app solutions in their business. Super apps are not just limited to these basic things but it can also help you with mobile marketing. Here is how a super app can help you to grow your mobile marketing:

Includes the third-party apps
For making a super app, you need to take multiple native apps under your product umbrella. But making those native apps is not an easy task. So you can consider collaborating with the third parties.

By collaborating with the third-party apps, you are not only adding multiple apps into your ecosystem but also you are helping those apps to provide their services to a larger audience. Also, the native app service providers do not have to incur additional mobile marketing costs as they are already getting displayed on your super app.

Provides access to global markets
WeChat is not the only company that is rocking the super app markets but also several other companies are planning to make a super app for themselves. Taxi service provider Grab has become a successful super app. Grab has a wide presence across the SEA region and also it has acquired the local subdivisions of Uber and UberEats. Along with this, Grab has also paved its way towards payments by investing popular Indonesian platform OVO.

So from the above discussion, we can say that super apps can help you to understand the requirement of global markets better compared to the local application of that region. Also, it can provide you with enough information   

Better advertising campaigns
Super apps can not only help you with offering multiple services to your customers on a single platform but it can help you with your ad and marketing campaigns too. Super apps are involving a large number of users. Due to which, mobile marketers have an excellent opportunity to reach a large number of users. Also, they can target them by making location-based offers. Apart from this, super apps will enable you to understand the behaviour patterns and purchasing habits of your customers. This will help you to make advertising campaigns that can help you to reach more customers in minimal time. 

Higher acquisition of users
User acquisition is essential for the growth of every business. And a super app can help you with this. It enables you to generate a new user acquisition stream by converting mini-program users into full-fledged app users.  With super apps, the first-time installation is no longer an issue for the companies.

Now the users can use their apps directly as they are now available on the super app as an applet. Also, the users do not have to do separate registrations for everything as they have already registered on the super app. Due to this convenience, more and more customers will start installing your super app which will result in the higher user acquisition.      

Wrapping Up
Super apps are becoming a popular business model for on-demand businesses as it is enabling them to provide multiple services to their customers at a single place. And if you want your super app to reach out more and more customers then you need to connect it with mobile marketing. For this, you can use the strategies mentioned in this blog.   

I hope you have liked this blog. Feel free to reach us if you are looking to make an excellent super app for your business.

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