How To Drive High Volume Traffic on WordPress Website with Plugins?

  • By Abha Reddy
  • 18-07-2020
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wordpress website with plugins

Website traffic plays a vital role in the success of a business serving online. A high number of visitors bring numerous opportunities to your business and ultimately gains ROI. The more traffic generates qualified leads, and ultimately sells your product or service and continues to grow your business.

More website traffic, in the long run, helps to grow your business but to engage quality traffic on your WordPress website is a challenging task. To ease the whole process several Plugins are available to integrate with the website. Plugins are software codes that have the functionality to boost performance, speed, drive traffic, and minimize the load time of the website.

Here in this post, we will discuss some of the prominent Plugins for the WordPress website.

1. Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO simplifies the way the website is optimized for Google. It helps to mark unnecessary pages as no index, helps to fix readability concerns in the content and also performs on-page SEO. Website admin can add a Meta description, canonical URLs, slugs, & SEO title. It is available in the premium version as well, but the features of the free version are also exceptional.

The following features:
•    Social previews
•    Automatic internal linking
•    Suggested keywords from key phrases
•    Content Optimization with synonyms and key phrases

2. Updraft Plus
The most important phase of WordPress website development is the backup facility. Your all efforts of adding necessary pages, categories, theme customization will go in vain if you lost everything due to database corruption. Well, in that scenario a plugin is important that takes a complete backup of your WordPress website with appropriate cloud storage. Updraft Plus is one of the best backup plugins offering daily backups with cloud storage features.

The following features:
•    Database backup
•    Scheduled manual and automatic backups
•    Backup on the cloud storage like Dropbox, Gdrive, and more
•    Simple restore of a website from the backup

3. Wp Rocket
To drive traffic and retain visitors for a longer duration it is important to optimize your website to load faster. This can be achieved with the use of the Wp Rocket plugin. It is basically a caching plugin that sets preload rules, cache the pages, lazy load images, integrates with Cloudflare, and ultimately improve your website faster than before.

The following features:
•    Cache your website
•    Enable browser caching
•    Integrate with CDN

4. Optimole
Images consume over 50% of the average webpage size. That means image optimization can make a huge difference to the website’s page load times. A website taking more than three seconds to load will lose half of its visitors. Optimole Plugin optimizes every graphic on the website to ensure it takes up less space. It uses a cloud-based system to improve website speed. The plugin has the feature to auto-detect the screen size and resizes images to offer a fast loading, responsive experience to the users.

The following features:
•    Automatically compress the images
•    Optimize JPEG and PNG images
•    Resize images you upload to the website
•    Supports both Retina and WebP images
•    Compatible with modern page builders

5. Redirection
Redirection plugin can’t be missed and works as a redirect manager for WordPress. It puts 301 redirects within the website and has a complete record of it. It also keeps a track of the broken URLs on your site. We all know how much search engines hate bad user experience and 404 contributes to the same. Installing a Redirection plugin will provide you a complete list of the pages with 404 error and you have to enter the URL where you want the plugin to redirect your website.

The following features:
•    Track all the 4xx error pages
•    Setup page-level redirection easily

Wrapping Up:
So here we conclude to our list of essential WordPress plugins for driving quality traffic to the website. However, there are several other important plugins as well that makes the whole job simple and helps to optimize the site. In this list, we have discussed the must-have plugins, these are available both as free and paid versions for usage.

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