Mobile Applications And The Impact Of Information Technology In Healthcare

  • By Tarun Nagar
  • 02-02-2021
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mobile apps in healthcare

Technology rules today’s modern world. From the moment we wake up till the time we get back to bed, we are surrounded by technology. Everything is digitalized. The evolving technology has become a part of our lives and has made life easier and smarter.

More advanced tasks can be completed within the tick of a second. From simple mobile apps to complex servers, IT company plays a vital role in almost every field. Before we jump into the applications and impacts of IT in healthcare, let’s find out what mHealth is.

A Glance At mHealth
Mobile Health (mhealth) is a swiftly advancing field in the digital healthcare system. The World Health Organization defines mhealth as, “medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices”. In other words, the delivery of healthcare services via mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile communication devices is termed as mhealth.

mHealth provides access to clinical health data, delivery of healthcare information, tracking vitals of patients, and medical education for health workers all through mobile phones.

Applications And Impacts Of IT In Healthcare

Diagnostic And Treatment Support

Diagnostic and treatment support through healthcare apps is an extraordinary sector. The physicians can diagnose the disease through their mobile phones and also provide treatment methods. The healthcare app developers have made this suitable for most types of cases. In situations where the patient can’t reach the healthcare facilities, he can contact the doctors through these mobile healthcare apps and the doctor can diagnose the problem with the information from the patient as well as provide the treatments if possible.

Healthcare IT solutions offer virtual diagnostic and treatment support through mobile apps. The patient and the physician can virtually connect on video calls and the problem can be diagnosed and treated. This is efficient in times like this global pandemic when we can’t walk into a hospital for simple cases.

Data Collection
Electronic Health Records (EHR) are massive game-changers in the field of medicine. They replace outdated paper records with electronic data collection. This has proven to be highly convenient for both patients and physicians. Doctors can access the medical records of patients even when they are not available in the hospital during emergencies.

Physicians can enter medical data without errors using clinical decision support systems through healthcare apps.  The data can be seen by other physicians from their mobile phones through mobile apps in an instant. This has been established to be expedient considering the outdated method of handwritten paper records, where it takes time to access records that can be misread.

Communication And Training For Healthcare Workers
Any Mobile app development company makes sure to deliver high-end communication services for healthcare workers. This involves communication between healthcare workers, medical institutions, etc., all by mobile apps. This improves the transfer of case knowledge between various healthcare workers with a single touch. Mobile apps thus help expand clinical knowledge without professional isolation.

The healthcare workers are trained using these mobile apps. For example, the attendings can contact the patients and teach the interns virtually side by side without being physically present. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the interns to excel in all specialties. The intern can review many cases through this method.

Remote Monitoring
The healthcare workers can monitor their patients from their mobile phones, tablets, etc., An mobile application development company can create remote monitoring facilities in the healthcare apps so that the vitals of every patient logged in by each healthcare worker is monitored regularly. The nurses, attendings, residents, and interns on the particular case are notified immediately if any change occurs. 

This technology has been of great use for the physicians as they don’t have to constantly linger by the patient’s bedside for simpler cases. They can easily monitor the medication, follow-ups, etc., of the patients without haste.

Disease And Epidemic Outbreak Tracking
The healthcare workers, hospitals, medical researchers, medical schools, institutions, etc., are capable of tracking the progress of research on various treatment methods, disease control techniques and also share their research papers for physicians worldwide to study. This helps healthcare workers to understand the research with more clarity. The healthcare app developers can also develop IT solutions to keep track of global pandemics and epidemics. Thus. mobile apps aid healthcare workers to stay updated.

Patient Electronic Portals
Patient electronic portals are secure online applications that allow patients to access their medical reports, lab results, medication prescription, etc. They also enable the patients to communicate with their physicians through their mobiles without using private mobile numbers. The portals developed by a healthcare app development company are helping many individuals in the Covid phase.

These portals are an effective way of creating awareness about diseases through short message services (SMS) and help patients keep track of their personal health records. They also provide detailed reports of the patient’s body every month so that he/she can keep track of his/her health.

The healthcare IT solutions offer telemedicine services, which is the use of telecommunication technologies to complement the communication between patients and physicians. The communication can be either virtual or through the medical record database online. Additionally, it allows physicians to e-prescribe medications to patients without hospital visits.

Mobile applications developed by an IT Company provide the helpline numbers of hospitals so that the patient can contact them personally to access a wide range of healthcare services such as telephonic consults, drug availability, complaints, and many more.

Smartphones are available in every nook and corner of the world today. They have become a necessary gadget to complete various tasks in our day-to-day life. Since everybody has a smartphone, the mobile application of the healthcare system has time and again proved to be an efficient source to manage medical records of patients and keep them aware of their medical history.

IT companies have developed mobile healthcare apps that allow us to:
●    Avail immediate access to physicians
●    Access the benefits of hospital services
●    Access highly convenient and hassle-free services
●    Benefit from faster payment and money transfers

The mobile healthcare apps are designed to take better care of ourselves. Top It companies hire dedicated developers to create high-level applications. Thus, the impact of information technology on healthcare apps is massively beneficial for every individual.

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