How does an Omnichannel Strategy Benefit Businesses and Customers?

  • By James Wilson
  • 16-01-2023
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how does an omnichannel strategy benefits businesses and customers
Omnichannel strategy is more than just an afterthought. It has become necessary, with customers worldwide expecting an Amazon-like experience during online shopping. Whether you’re a small business or a leading enterprise, customers want you to be available 24x7. Failure to deliver these expectations will only make you lag. 
To stand out in the market and keep customers hooked throughout their shopping journey, you must rise beyond an eCommerce website and offer a unified experience across all platforms. This blog is for you if you also look forward to engaging users through an omnichannel strategy. Read on to learn what is an omnichannel strategy and how it can benefit your business.

What is an omnichannel strategy?

An omnichannel strategy focuses on offering customers a seamless shopping experience, regardless of whether they are shopping online, in-store, or through a mobile device. The idea is to create a consistent and cohesive customer experience across all channels, thus improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
The difference between multichannel and omnichannel strategies is that all channels exist in silos in a multichannel strategy. On the other hand, omnichannel blurs all the touchpoints and places the customers at the heart of the shopping experience. They can switch between channels and pick up where they left off, whether on their phone, tablet, or computer.

Benefits of omnichannel strategy for customers and businesses

1. Increasing brand loyalty 

The omnichannel strategy offers consumers a consistent experience across multiple touch points. It also lets customers shop in whatever way is most convenient for them, whether online, in-store, or mobile. As a result, customers feel satisfied and continue shopping from the brand as it’s easy to do so. 
Moreover, by collecting customer data and using it to personalize the shopping experience, Omnichannel shopping makes customers feel the brand truly understands and values them, leading to increased loyalty.

2. Increasing customer retention and lifetime value

An omnichannel marketing strategy can increase customers’ lifetime value by 30%. It is because when you’re always available and easily accessible to customers, they will be more inclined to buy from you than your competitors. 
Moreover, a consistent and cohesive shopping experience positively impacts your brand. As a result, it increases customer satisfaction, retention, and lifetime value.

3. Improved brand recognition

An omnichannel marketing strategy offers customers a seamless experience across all channels. It means the shopping experience remains the same every time customers interact with your brand, whether they access it from mobile or desktop. As a result, customers become more aware of your brand, and you gain more visibility in the market over your competitors.  

4. Increased business revenue

An omnichannel strategy improves customer experience and satisfaction. As a result, clients prefer to purchase from the business repeatedly and spread the positive word about the brand. It further brings more customers and hence a significant boost in revenue. 
Besides, an omnichannel strategy helps businesses leverage data and insights from multiple channels to better understand customer behavior and preferences. This way, you make informed decisions about products, pricing, and promotions - earning more revenue. 

5. Resolving customer concerns faster

Since the omnichannel strategy helps businesses gain complete visibility, businesses can resolve customer concerns faster. It leads to higher customer satisfaction and ensures you can meet customers’ expectations with excellent customer service. 

6. Improving customer experience

According to omnichannel marketing, customer interactions should remain flawless across all channels. They should be clear and varied, and the customer should feel free at any point while shopping. When that happens, and the customer experience remains consistent across all channels, customers will feel delighted, and there will be a boost in their experience.

7. Streamlining customer journey for better insights

Understanding customer behavior is the key to offering excellent customer service. You exceed their expectations when you understand your customers’ requirements and leverage that data to provide them with a remarkable user experience. You can use these valuable insights to understand the customer lifecycle and personalize their shopping experience. 

8. Reduced customer churn

Customer churn is a huge problem these days. Especially in the hypercompetitive eCommerce industry, customers are quick to jump ship when there’s a slight disruption in the shopping experience. No wonder eCommerce websites have an alarmingly high churn rate.
An omnichannel strategy can help you overcome this problem by offering customers a seamless experience across all channels. Customers engaged throughout their shopping journey will stay on the website and finish the intended purchase. As a result, there’s a significant reduction in the churn rate. 

9. Increased brand presence 

Managing brand presence takes work. Especially if you’re a small retail store with a limited budget for promotions, you may have difficulty promoting your brand in the market. However, an omnichannel strategy can help you promote your business without spending much funding and resources. All you need is always to be available to your customers and trigger communication on the right occasion through various channels. 

10. Improved customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a must for the success of any eCommerce business. If you leave your customer unsatisfied, they will choose someone else over you, and you will lose your sales to competitors. You would never want that. 
However, it’s not easy to satisfy your customers. They want a remarkable experience, special discounts/offers, and real-time customer support - regardless of the channel. Offering such expertise can be challenging for most eCommerce businesses. 
With an omnichannel strategy, you can better engage your customers by instantly answering their queries. You can offer them the proper guidance when they need it the most. It would also improve customer churn and increase revenue as customers prefer returning to websites that provide excellent customer support. 

11. A positive word-of-mouth marketing

Businesses spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing campaigns. They’re nowhere close to the word of mouth marketing. According to studies, over 92% of consumers favor friends' and family members’ recommendations over any advertising. Hence, it would be best to focus on word-of-mouth marketing. 
You can create word-of-mouth marketing by engaging customers throughout their shopping journey. Keep them hooked through constant messages and notifications, and even offer rewards to promote your life in a positive light.

12. Saving customers’ time and effort

Customers want things fast in the eCommerce world. Making them work to find and shop for products will only rub them the wrong way. Hence, you must ensure you’re offering customers a unified shopping experience where they can shop anytime without hassle. 
Omnichannel strategy saves customers’ effort by offering a seamless shopping experience where customers can buy from any channel - thus saving their time and effort.

In conclusion

The eCommerce business is not as accessible as it was a few years ago. Choices spoil customers, and they want everything quickly. Standard practices like running an eCommerce website and hiring a support staff will get you nowhere. To succeed, you need to go omnichannel. It would take your business a long way. 
Hopefully, the above-mentioned omnichannel strategy benefits give you enough motivation to build an omnichannel experience for your customers. The following action is to adopt the approach in your business and reap the benefits. Also, please don’t forget to share your experience in the comments.

Last Updated in January 2023

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