Opensea Clone: Create Your Own NFT Marketplace With Top-Notch Security Features

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  • 23-09-2022
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In the past few years, the NFT marketplace has grown exponentially. The credit goes to OpenSea, like NFT marketplaces that provide a secure and reliable platform for artists and art collectors where they can buy and sell unique digital assets. The end-to-end transactions on these platforms are encrypted by advanced blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Binance, Solana, Polygon, etc. Therefore, there is a race between budding NFT enthusiasts to shift to similar platforms.

If you are seeking to shift to an OpenSea-like NFT marketplace, then the OpenSea clone is a perfect choice for you. Here, we have some reasons for defining hype about the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Do Not Underestimate: What Stats Reveal About OpenSea?

OpenSea will have more than 1 million users in 2022.
More than 80 million different NFTs are listed on the platform.
23% of the total traffic is contributed by The United States only.
In 2021, the total revenue generated by OpenSea was $365 million.
Currently, there are 110+ employees working for OpenSea.
The market value of the platform is $13.3 billion (£9.8 billion).
Its major projects are Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and VeeFriends, with a trading volume of 380k+, 820k+, and 40.4k+ ETH.
CryptoPunks hit over 2 billion US dollars in sales (alone).

Time To Understand OpenSea Clone!!

What is Whitelabel Opensea Clone Script?

Whitelabel OpenSea clone Script is a fully customized NFT marketplace used to buy, sell and create NFTs for minting & trading purposes. A P2P NFT marketplace is designed to launch a platform for incomparable performance.

Whitelabel OpenSea is a clone that is a replica of a real platform designed and developed on Ethereum blockchain technology. Just like OpenSea, OpenSea clones can also be used to buy, sell and trade from arts, music, photography, metaverse lands, to videos, etc.

Magnificent Features for the Opensea Clone Script

Here we have listed profound features of the OpenSea Clone script that you can frame according to your business requirements.

Front-end display
IPFS Storage
NFT Wallet Integration
NFT Minting
List, Sell, and Buy NFTs
Metamask or other crypto wallet Login
Single Minting
Like, Watchlist and Report options
Multiple Minting (ERC 1155 Standard)
Multiple Currency Support
Multi-chain interoperability
NFT Listing
Royalty Payment Support
Metaverse Capability
Gas-Free Marketplace Solution
P2P Transaction
Native Token Governance
Notification option
And more…

Why OpenSea Clone Only for NFT Marketplace Development?

OpenSea clone script provides the ultimate NFT marketplace development experience by replicating the features. Here we have a list of a few for you:

Made-Easy architecture

The platform is easy to develop with splendid functionality. Users can get quick access to modern features, high-end blockchain security, and embed tailor-made architecture.

Top-notch NFT listing

The bleeding edge technology lets you list artists' work with end-to-end data security. From hundreds to millions, you can list any amount of digital work on your platform.

NFT Trading

The platform provides an NFT mintable option to track and trade assets on the marketplace. Users can find owners' details on the platform. Also, if the creator wants to place public or private bidding, there are ultimate options to start auctioning selected or all NFT articles.

Multiple wallets

Crypto Wallets are designed for safe and secure payment transactions on the platform. You can either go with a ready-to-use crypto wallet like metamask or can go with a customized wallet. Remember, if you want to go with a customized wallet, you have to hire a professional NFT Marketplace development company that provides all services and data security.

Multiple API integrations

OpenSea clone scripts have the potential to embed multiple APIs to do the development job earlier. So, if you are looking for advanced APIs, it's a perfect place for you.

How Does Our Opensea Clone Script Work?

With the OpenSea clone script, you can allow your users to go with the following operations on the front end.

Users can create an account and log in to access the platform
Users can connect the platform with a decentralized marketplace for quick buying, selling, or trading activities.
 Sellers can mint their NFT assets by paying minting fees
Buyers can participate in public and private auctions.
Users have the option to use NFT for various purposes.

How OpenSea Clone Script Benefits the Entrepreneurs?

OpenSea clone script is an instant solution for crypto entrepreneurs who want to win the rat race of selling unique assets with blockchain security. The well-known platform meets all the technical and security protocols of NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Hence, it helps entrepreneurs to build web3 based NFT marketplace with NFT gifting and minting purposes.

It's quick to build a platform. Therefore, it involves less cost of development compared to building a platform from scratch. As a result, it's a great opportunity for Crypto entrepreneurs to earn high ROI when starting with an NFT marketplace using the OpenSea clone. Entrepreneurs can spend more investments on business promotion.

How You Can Create Your Own NFT Marketplace With Top-Notch Security Features


Research is the key to building any platform. It helps you to show the right pathway to how you can create a marketplace, whether you plan to build from scratch or choose to go with a ready-made clone script. Also, find out current market trends, the scope for your business growth, and how you can avail market opportunities.

Choose The Right Technology

The next step is selecting the right set of technology based on:

Blockchain: Blockchain involves the latest networking technologies such as Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Hyperledger, Avalanche, etc. Find out the pros and cons of each one before embedding.

Smart Contract: Smart contract enables self-executing contracts based on predefined rules to facilitate platform transactions. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network.

Token Standards: The set of rules allowing the development of cryptocurrency tokens on different blockchain protocols. These days the ERC 20 standard is a highly popular token standard for the NFT marketplace. Rest ERC 1155, ERC 721, and ERC 223 are also in trend.

Decide development strategy:

This time you need to make a decision between self-development or hiring a professional NFT development company. With this, you should also focus on:

Designing: Create a layout of your platform, defining how it will look. It involves features, functionalities, home options, search filters, product pages, and more details.

Development: This segment involves deciding how your platform will function. The process is mainly involved in back-end activities and designed with programming language. From minting to payment, every function starts working during the development segment.
Testing: As the development is crucial, the same way testing is hard to deny segment. It leaves no bugs, glitches, or other issues on the project. Users can enjoy a flawless experience with testing.

Launching: Once you have done everything, the next step will be launching your platform in the market. It will enable your project to be ready to buy, sell or trade products in the marketplace and let your customers enjoy the platform.

The Final Step: Marketing & Maintenance

From research to launch, every step is essential. Another step involves marketing and maintenance of the platform. Marketing provides an identity to a business and connects artists and art collectors with the platform. So, think about wise marketing strategies too. And to keep your platform updated with the latest technology, make sure you have strategies for maintenance and upgrades.

Wrapping up!!

Now, it's time to wrap up the content and leave the decision on what will be your strategy to build the best-in-class NFT marketplace. Again, think wisely whether you plan to build on your own or want to take assistance from professional experts. If you choose self-platform development, make sure you must have good knowledge of the latest tools, software, and programming language. Otherwise, it can create a mess and grab your time, effort, and attention!

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