Recruitment Management Features You Need for Efficient Hiring

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  • 02-12-2022
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recruitment management features you need for efficient hiring
Recruitment management can be very challenging when you don't have the necessary tools to help you with it. That’s why you should use HRMS software with the necessary features to make your recruitment efforts fast and efficient. In this blog, we will discuss recruitment management features that you must have.

Recruitment Management Features You Need for Efficient Hiring

Automated Job Posting

The job posting feature helps you to get the template to make an effective job description. It also allows automating those job postings for your own website as well as other job portals. This saves time and widens the reach of your job post. This way, it also becomes easy to schedule job posts according to requirements.


ATS stands for applicant tracking system. ATS helps to filter out the eligible candidates from the applications you receive for the vacancy. ATS allows you to filter out the candidate according to different criteria such as their skill set, education, experience in the field and more.
This way, recruitment managers do not have to go through each and every resume to find the right candidate. It also eliminated human error, so top talent does not slip away due to human error. 

Candidate Import 

Talent management is now part of the hiring and recruitment efforts at a wider scale. The company has to be prepared with the talent pool for future needs. The candidate import feature allows you to import candidate data in bulk and creates separate talent pools for the candidates. That way, it helps you to create talent pools for different roles in the organization. These talent pools can be used for upcoming talent requirements in the company. So, HR does not have to start their search for the candidate from scratch every time.

Share Candidate

This feature can be used to share candidate details with the concerned manager and other team members. This way, they can respond to it quickly, and HR can schedule the interview rounds as soon as they get the approval. It makes it convenient to share information and avoids the need for email and duplication of data.

Interview Form

With recruitment management software, you can send a form for interviews to the candidates. There you get to learn some more info about the candidates which can be useful for the interview. It also helps to take a better look at their eligibility to work with the company.

Candidate Self-service Portal

You can look for recruitment management software that gives you a dedicated candidate self-service portal. Here they can upload and edit documents and information about their skills, experience, and expertise in a particular field. 

CTC Calculator

The CTC calculator helps HR design compensation packages that comply with the regulations. That helps HR to add the right benefits and allowances to offer competitive CTC packages for the candidates. That also good for payroll software as the packages designed are always aligned with the compliance.


The recruitment software today should also have a feature for online onboarding. This reduces a tremendous amount of paperwork and is convenient for both employer and the employee. It is certainly essential for companies that work remotely, so employees don’t have to go to the office just for documentation. 

Candidate Timeline

The timeline view for the candidate makes it easier for everyone to look at the candidate's overall journey at a glance. With the help of HRMS software, HR and another stakeholder can monitor the progress of the candidates and the stages of recruitment they pass.
All the features of HRMS software help HR to increase the efficiency of the recruitment management process.


Recruitment and hiring are essential to finding the right candidate for the organization to maintain productivity. The features of HRMS software, such as ATS, CTC design, candidate sharing, and much more, help HR increase the hiring process's effectiveness and complete it quickly.

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