The Best 5 Android App Development Frameworks In 2020

  • By Nida Asad
  • 05-12-2019
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best frameworks for android app development in 2020
More than a billion people are using smartphones in the world. Businesses have realized the importance of mobile applications and how crucial they are for their brand practices. Therefore, they are focusing on developing applications that connect better with their customers.
As per a survey, companies have developed over 2 million mobile applications on play stores that have enabled them to effectively engage with their customers. That being said, there has been a tough competition amongst app development frameworks; whether it’s for Android or iOS operating systems. Although, most people thought the latter platform to be more difficult and time consuming; however, it proved to be the opposite.
Currently, Android is considered to be the most operational operating systems for developers when it comes to customized mobile applications. Android applications have managed to form a significance within prevailing smartphones, especially since developers find the platform to be more versatile, plus it has a massive community base that is accessible to guide and provide with the vital information.
Nevertheless, if you are a software engineer aiming to develop an application but nervous due to insufficient material. Then, here are the best Android app development frameworks 2020 that have been vetted for you to choose from.
Flutter is an Android framework that was formulated and launched by Google as an open source development SDK. The framework is written in Dart language that is distinct for mobile, desktop, backend and web applications. Flutter is equipped with multiplatform mobile application SDK that is apt for building applications with peculiar features than other frameworks have to offer.
The feature that sets this framework apart from others is that it simplifies the process of cross platform development; like we mentioned earlier how it is written in Dart language which is the main reason that influences developers to congregate around it. This makes Flutter as one of the best options to create hybrid applications.
The framework consumes 2D rendering instrument that is identified as Skia to form visuals. This allows developers to examine and execute UI and functionality tests. The application can be tested without needing to restart at every stage followed by the advantages of efficient reloading time, screen reader and fast rendering.
Xamarin is measured to be one of the top tier android app development frameworks 2019. It is run by Microsoft and has around 1.5 million users all around the globe. The framework holds an advanced attribute that is befitting for C# developers who wish to form applications without the use of Java.
Microsoft’s cloud testing has been incorporated within this framework, which makes it feasible for applications to be tested on different devices.  It does not end there, Xamarin has an ability that allows it to share codes and that makes it an appealing tool for developers.
This feature decreases the time it requires to code and reduces bugs that come along the developmental processes of software’s. By the assistance of Windows and Mac OS platforms, you can share your codes to different devices.
The framework is one of the oldest ones, which makes it a credible framework.
Corona SDK
This framework was developed back in 2009, it is sought to be a high cross platform framework. Corona offers an active software development resources that work well for forming speedy applications as compared to other frameworks. And the best part about it is that it’s free of cost, easy to use and quick with processes.
Not just that, it provides a real time simulation that gives a thorough screening of the application. Corona’s usefulness is due to LUA, a programming language that is volant. This framework is also popular because it supports native UI, running more than 500 APIs and a malleable advertising platform that is specified to developers.
Corona API comes with features of graphics, networking, particle effects, and widgets that are stress-free to use and add into the applications. Making it an ideal framework for app development.
Kotlin has been statically typed and fit for modern programming languages that work well for android applications and their functionalities. It was created by Google back in 2017, avowed to be the official integrated development environment for android.
The framework work on Java; it can be deemed to be one of the best replacements for Java due to following similar developmental courses.
App development alongside Kotlin is efficient, especially since they work with an akin bytecode structure to that of Java. As per a survey, Kotlin stands fourth as the most used programming language for developers. It is widely used by substantial enterprises, while some of them are yet to switch to this framework.
The Appbuilder
The Appbuilder is run by HTML5. It is yet another exceptional cross platform application creator. The framework backs and permits developers to form android, iOS and HTML applications, without the need of any knowledge prior to the development on coding languages.
In a nut shell, those who lack the expertise to perform certain app developmental processes can seek help from this framework and develop an app.
It has an interface that has a drag and drop feature that makes it easy to create applications and offers a pre build functionalities such as push notification, feedbacks, polls, analytics and content updates.
Another interesting aspect to this framework is that is integrates effortlessly with Google play, making content publishing stress-free.
Frameworks are the most essential tools for creating mobile applications and web applications. It should be taken into accord that every project and application has a unique requirement. Therefore, the choice of framework should be made sensibly after determining the necessary factors.
There are more than a 4 million frameworks that are used for android app development, that are being used by 5 million or more app developers all over the world. However, these 5 frameworks that have been listed above are the most useful ones that can help you develop the right application with the right set of features and functionalities.

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