The Significance of Software Testing and QA in Software Development

  • By Ray Parker
  • 29-01-2019
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software testing
Nowadays, quality assurance has become an integral part of programming. This has enabled the developer to fix their error right from the beginning phase. It is a phase where the developer spots the bugs in the software and put in efforts to make it bug-free.
Enhance Your Software
The role of testing in software development starts with enhanced reliability, performance and quality of the software. It helps a developer to see if the software is performing in an appropriate manner and make sure that the software is not performing in a way it is not supposed to.
Testing can be done in two ways automated and manual testing. Automated testing is the process of utilizing computer programs to execute a system. On the contrary, manual testing is done by human testers to check bugs and codes in the software manually.
Automated testing needs special software like WinRunner and LoadRunner. There are numerous tools available on the internet for software testing. It is important to guarantee that all units perform according to expectations. If bugs are detected at the beginning stage, the developers will be able to develop a reliable and accurate software.
Advantages of Software Testing
The cost of fixing a bug decreases, when testing is introduced at the preliminary stage. Cost of fixing the bug upsurges when the bug is not spotted at the correct time.
Quality Assurance
Quality plays an imperative role in this competitive world. Therefore, a software tester plays a significant role in the (SDLC) Software Development Lifecycle for producing great quality products.
Testing is important in order to make the software defect free. The defect can be spotted and corrected. Automated testing provides great assistance to developing software that is defect free.
Testing is an integral part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) for enhancing performance and consistency of the software. Testing stages have a lot of importance in the software development life cycle as it is having an important part fault correction and execution.
Software testing tools assist the developers to identify the difference between expected and actual outcome which help to enhance products quality.
Assists to Circumvent Dangerous Scenarios
If there is no proper testing the developed software can be harmful for the users. They will get confused and lose trustworthiness of that specific software.
An effective software testing assists to enhance the security. Validation and authentication are the main objectives of all software testing services. Fundamentally, a software testing assists to look at defects in the software, but also its configuration. Developers can determine the software reliability through proper testing.
Any product can be transformed into a consistent and strong product with the assistance of testing in software development. Consistent and accurate testing make the business successful and create goodwill for the company.

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