Things You Must Know About Android 10

  • By Naman Modi
  • 21-10-2019
  • Technology
android 10
If you are in love with the Android OS, you will have your mouth watering with excitement with the introduction of Android 10. They have increased its features dramatically, privacy being their main focus. No more dessert names to accompany it, just a simple numerical number. You will enjoy its lightweight look and intuitiveness making the user experience bliss. This article gives you 10 things you need to know about Android 10. Don’t rush; take your time to understand what you’ll get from this new version of Android.
1. New theming options
What everybody loves about Android OS is that you can customize its features to the fullest extent. Android 10 offers even better customizable options and users can customize its looks to satisfy their preference. There is a new theming section in the Developer Options of Android 10 where a user can change the phone’s accent color. By default Android’s iconic color is Pixel Blue, but Android 10 allows you to change it into:
- Black
- Green
- Purple
- Cinnamon
- Ocean
- Space
- Orchid
2. Live Caption that describes media locally in real-time
Accessibility for the deaf and the ear impaired is simplified by closed captioning. This helps them to understand what is being said in any type of spoken media including podcasts, videos, and games. Android 10 has a feature called “Live Caption” that makes it simple to understand captions in real-time in your device with no Internet.
3. Change in Permissions
Android 10 has put more emphasis on privacy than ever before. With all permissions requested by apps, Google wants you to truly understand what you are getting yourself into before allowing apps to access certain features on your device. Android 10 has a new Privacy section that is under the Permission manager. Here, you will find different permissions categories with apps that currently have access to those permissions. You can control whether an app accesses your location all the time, when the app is running or not to access.
4. Advanced Share Menu
For a while now Android’s share menu has been messed up. Although the core function works very well, the problem comes in delivery, which slows down the phone no matter what device you are using. In Android 10, the shortcuts are published in advance, making the shared load instantly.
5. Formidable Phones have Better Support
Formidable phones have now hit the market and to give users a great experience on these gadgets, Android 10 is optimized with foldable-specific features and experiences. According to Android 10 news, these changes are meant for Android developers, the benefits will trickle down to the end-user. Android 10 has features to detect a paused app and when it should resume running. These are some of the features found in Galaxy Fold and Huawei X that are supporting this latest version of Android.
Final Thoughts
Android is one of the most powerful and trusted OS from Google. Compared to other operating systems, it fast and intuitive and anyone can navigate through its interface. Android 10 has advanced gestural navigation that allows users to swipe a gesture to go back to the home screen, open the app drawer, and trigger Google Assistant. There are lots of features that I have not mentioned but would like you to try out once you get version 10 of Android.

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