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  • By Abby Hill
  • 29-08-2018
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top financial softwares
Maintaining a personal budget is never considered old-fashioned as it keeps us aware of the income spent as well as income saved. However, with the advancement in technology, the financial software has evolved as a new means to keep a check on your expenses and savings.
Here is a list of top 10 financial software to be considered when you need a budget for you:

1. You Need A Budget: This is one of the popular names in the world of financial budgeting applications. It has been equipped with a large number of features to offer and is enabled to work on Mac as well as Windows. It lets you share your budget with other users. Even if you are a beginner in budget making, it will not confuse you as there is no complicated process involved.
2. Mvelopes: A personal financial application, Mvelopes works on the principle of envelope budgeting which was famous in older times. It has only converted the method into a digital mode. By using Mvelopes, you can create a fixed budget for a particular expense and when you have spent that amount, it will show that category in red. You can choose from the versions available of Mvelopes as per your budgeting needs.
3. Quicken: Quicken has everything personal budgeting software should have. From the basic budgeting techniques to create an automatic budget, Quicken is generally the most preferred financial software. It allows you to connect your Quicken account to the bank account you have and then automatically downloads the transactions for you. You can simply buy the software and install it on your Mac or Windows. Quicken support can be acquired when facing issues with this software.
4. Mint: Although Mint and Quicken are almost the same except it is less expensive than Quicken. It also lets you with the financial institution you have an account with. You can also set the reminders for due payments or bills. It can also create a budget based on your regular expenses or you can set your own limits and categories. It is known to be more time-consuming as compared to other financial software.
5. Count About: Count about is available in two versions- Basic and Premium. Under the Basic version, you have to manually download the transaction from the financial institution’s website, however with a premium version; it will get the same work down for you automatically. The only drawback is you cannot use this app to pay bills online.
6. Money Dance: Similar to other financial apps, it lets you manage your finances as well as lets you create a budget for you. To track your expenses, you can make use of the charts and graphs. It also keeps track of your investments and the changes in their values. Hence it is completely suitable to give you a correct picture of your financial situation.
7. Learn Vest: It is equipped with all the necessary financial management features and allows you to create a financial plan or budget for you. All the investing tools are available which helps in guiding you and answering all your queries.
8. Personal Capital: Personal capital is also just like any other budgeting tool which allows you to import your financial transactions as well as creates a budget for you. However, you cannot make a change in the categories of the budget and have to work with the one created by the app itself. You can also create charts for comparison of various expenses during different months.
9. Acorns: Acorns is more than being a budgeting tool. It lets you keep an eye on your debit and credit purchases and also allows you to save the difference in the trading funds which you can select yourself from the given portfolios. So it works as both budgeting as well as an investment tool for you.
10. Doxo: Doxo is another financial tool which imports and saves your financial transactions, bank statements, and other important financial details. You can also use it for paying bills, dues etc. It can be considered for both personal and household purposes and is reliable.
Every budgeting application has some pros and cons. Hence you can choose the best suited financial tool as per your budgeting needs and other requirements which lets you achieve your financial goal. 

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