Top 5 iPhone Features That Make Everyone Love It

  • By Jignesh Padhiyar
  • 22-05-2020
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The iPhone is in a league of its own when it comes to smartphones. It’s established itself as a trendsetter and frontrunner with the latest innovations and features. From security and accessibility to exclusive apps that give an unparalleled experience, let’s have a closer look at what exactly makes the iPhone stand out from the crowd.
Superior Camera
The iPhone is known for having one of the best Smartphone cameras in the market. Over the years, it’s recognized as a leader in innovation, setting the trend when it comes to the next big thing. For instance, the iPhone 7 Plus disrupted the market with the introduction of Portrait Mode. iPhone cameras deliver superior performance, even in poor lighting conditions. Photos are always rich in detail and color-accurate.
Moreover, with each new series of phones, there are fun modes and features. For instance, the iPhone 11 series gave us Slofies, ultra-wide mode, and Quick Take. For many users, not just photography enthusiasts, the camera is a top priority when it comes to checking out the newest iPhone features. And for most, it’s even reason enough to go for it.
Face ID & Touch ID
Touch ID and Face ID are among the most innovative iPhone safety features. Touch ID was first introduced in 2013 and has recently given way to Face ID. This modern biometric security system makes it a breeze to unlock your phone, verify purchases, and sign in to apps and sites just by looking at your device.
Face ID truly enhances the experience of using the iPhone. Moreover, it’s also safer than the older Touch ID, which shows that Apple cares about security. In iOS 13, Face ID is even faster than before. And the best part is that you don’t need to have an iPhone 11 for it. The speed enhancement is software-based, so any iPhone with Face ID will unlock faster after updating to the latest version of iOS 13.
Security & Accessibility
In addition to FaceID, there are other cool iPhone features you didn’t know about that enhance privacy and security. For instance, with iOS 13, when you grant certain apps access to your contacts, they no longer see the personal notes you’ve written about any contacts. This is critical because earlier, apps could use this vulnerability to get hold of sensitive information that you might have included with a contact’s details such as, for instance, your child’s social security number. Get Tips to Make Your iPhone More Secure and Safer.
There’s also a new Bluetooth permission setting to block apps from accessing your Bluetooth connection. This is because apps can use Bluetooth to track your location in your everyday life. Now Apple has given users the power to stop this. You also get notifications when an app has been tracking you in the background. So you can decide if you want to permit the app to continue monitoring your movements or not.
iPhone accessibility features such as voice control also make it stand out. iOS 13 allows you to speak to an iPhone instead of touching it. This can be especially life-changing for those with physical disabilities. And given how groundbreaking it is, Apple deserves high praise for prioritizing such innovation.
iMessages & FaceTime
Chatting is one of the most fun things to do on your phone, whether through text or video. The iPhone apps iMessages and FaceTime take this experience to the next level with their ease of use and unique features. For instance, iMessages has tons of cool effects and different kinds of stickers known as Memoji and Animoji. It adds a unique and exclusive element to messaging.
Other benefits of iMessages include chatting over Wi-Fi and being able to share high-res videos and photos with other people. Similarly, FaceTime also lets you add text, filters, stickers, and other effects during a video call. Of course, other apps have similar functionalities, but on an iPhone, you get all this right out of the box.
Easy Syncing Across Devices
Any article about the impressive iPhone features list would be incomplete without mentioning the Apple ecosystem. The iPhone is appreciated all over the world for the way it makes life easy when you have multiple devices. If you own other Apple products, working between them is a breeze because all your information automatically and quickly syncs through the cloud. This is highly refined.
For instance, you can copy some text on your phone and instantly paste it on another device such as your MacBook. Pretty neat! When you opt for the iPhone, your notes, contacts, messages, email, documents, photos, and every other thing you can think of seamlessly sync across all your devices. This makes any busy life a whole lot easier to manage.
Summing Up
With such impressive features, there’s much to love about the iPhone. Perhaps this explains the mega fan following this device has across the world. If you want to stay updated about the iPhone’s latest features, updates, and more, be sure to check out iGeeksBlog.

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