Top 6 Plugins To Build Mobile App For WordPress Website

  • By Poonam Singh
  • 27-11-2019
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Driving business with a mobile app has become an inevitable need in today’s era. It’s really unyielding to stay competitive where everyone is in rivalry to serve & demonstrate their product to attain efficiency. Hence, brands are taking recourse of mobile apps to ensure brand recognition and faster market adoption.
You may be running your business using WordPress website but unless you have a mobile app your business may not deliver a thriving deal. As you can see everything from booking a movie ticket to a traveling plan, reading stuff to lifestyle shopping is performed using mobile apps.
Earlier accessing websites using mobile browsers were the trend. People used to seem crazy about this trend but now things are transformed, today is a time of mobile apps. Obviously, carrying out things using mobile apps is much easy, convenient, and simplified.
So, if you are already ready with your WordPress website but do not conclude a mobile app, I can help with this ‘DIY’ approach whereby you can create immersive mobile apps that is brand-focused, user-driven, and target-oriented.
Let’s find the way to convert a WordPress website into a mobile app
Using allied WordPress plugins, you can create a unique and cross-channel mobile app best-suited to your targeted audience. So, this blog will let you vigilant about all those plugins that will assist you to create pretty-intuitive and rich-navigational mobile apps.
Plugins To Build Mobile Apps For WordPress Website

This plugin can be proven a milestone for those who are indulged in content-driven websites like newspapers, magazine or blogs. Androapp is such a useful plugin to a build mobile app for your WordPress website. Moreover, you can avail of offline support, unlimited push notifications, a multitude of custom themes & colors, infinite scroll, native social sharing and more.
You can do a lot using this plugin but cannot expect support in terms of WooCommerce and BuddyPress. Also, building Android apps will be quite reliable and highly performing because iOS compatibility is still on beta mode. So, make sure to adopt this plugin if your aim is to launch the app on the Android platform merely.
AppPresser comes with free as well as a premium version which is the most effective plugin just to convert your WordPress site into a rich & customized featured app. Depending on your specific business needs, you can launch a mobile app for your existing WordPress site.
Using this WordPress plugin you can create an app whether for your blog, WooCommerce store or BuddyPress website equipped with a dedicated theme tailored to mobile devices. AppPresser is such a plugin that can be used to customize color patterns, add custom pages, manage WordPress content and more with its in-built app customizer.
MobiLoid is another plugin comes in this list offers to develop two number of app products - news or blog and WooCommerce platform. Using this plugin, one can launch an app on both the play store and app store. Through this, you can even develop a native mobile app from your WordPress site. Also, you do not need to change your existing theme but if you wish you could select a distinct theme altogether.
Moreover, MobiLoid is equipped with push notifications, mobile advertising & monetizing, mob analytics, and customized branding options. Although some of its features may ask you to acquire a premium version, you can still leverage the basic functionality to build a foundational app for your WordPress website.
Through WPApp.Ninja you can develop mobile as well as progressive web apps for your prior built WordPress website. This plugin comes with its paid plan and can be bought for lifetime usage. All the app set up and configuration can be performed using the admin area.
WPApp.Ninja yields easy to use tools to upload app icons, buttons, colors & translations and more. It exhibits its compatibility will all the popular WordPress plugins as well as propounds to support Google analytics, offline content management, built-in-catching a few names to give.
Blappsta can be a good platform for those who are seeking a completely free plugin to convert their WordPress website into a mobile app. This manifests its compatibility with both the Android and iOS app platforms. Using this, you can even test and preview your edits before making live.
Adopting this plugin to develop mobile apps for your WordPress platform can help you to avail features: push notifications, link indexing for Google, social media sharing & emailing buttons, customization capability to navigation & home page user interface, content management and more.
WappPress is considered a cost-effective platform to build mobile apps with basic technical know-how. This plugin would be a greater deal for the bloggers or startups to convert their existing WordPress platform into the Android app.
With WappPress you can enjoy the multitude of features such as customization for templates & other pages, multiple premade themes, custom home page & launcher screen, push notifications, Google play store support and more.
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Thus, if you are planning to convert your WordPress site into a mobile app, this blog will help you out indeed. So, you can now develop and launch your app using any of these above-mentioned plugins. For doing so, you need to add value to your expertise. If you seek further help, Infoxen’s experts can help you out.

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