Uses of Smartphones For Students

  • By Elizabeth Mailey
  • 07-09-2018
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smartphones for students
In the past students who use smartphones consider very bad or in the school, boundaries smartphones are strictly prohibited because the teacher considered that smartphone is meant to distract the student from learning and with the help of it the student can easily =cheated. But as the time evolve the perspective of people and way of utilizing advanced technology for learning purpose has tremendously changed.  
Smartphone provide unlimited facilities among student with higher education, engagement, enhancement, better understanding, and productivity. There are many other growing numbers of benefits that smartphone offer to students. There are lots of uses of smartphones that students can be used more than just playing games. Now smartphones become the basis gadget that student effectively used in the learning and development process. So let's have a look uses of smartphones for students.
One of the most important uses of smartphones that students utilized it for research purpose at any time. With the help of the smartphone, students can search for anything or idea either it’s a small informative question or complex research during class, home, even traveling to home. With the help of the smartphone, students can collect data on any relevant topic then learn the topic in depth by doing effective research.  
Social media
students always find online in different social media account due to having the smartphone on hands but it becomes productive when student use the smartphone and other social media platforms in a productive way. Student and teacher effectively used social media platform in order to share and inform educationally related news. Like in one of the social media platform student create the group to share useful material in one place so that all students get the learning advantage. 
Text messaging: 
Texting is another feature of the smartphone that both teacher and student utilized effectively. Like student text to the teacher when they stuck while doing the study or solving maths problem or numerical. Same way the teacher can remind by the student about the upcoming assignment or quiz. It is one of the simple use of smartphone that student uses while facing any problem and need some quick help.  
Students are able to get answers quickly
With the continued use of the smartphone during the learning process it is found that the response rate of question-answer between teacher and students increase. as students have the smartphone in the class as well which is connect to the internet, in this way student can quickly access the answer of any question, solve the difficult problem through the search on the internet and sometime student come with creative ideas and thoughts.  
Audio and video can bring learning to live within the classroom.  
The audio and the students of this digital era are not simple and when sometimes creative in their every lecture if it is not found they feel bored and show lack of concentration. Student learn more effectively when the lecture is the combination of audio, video, text, and graphics. The smartphone provides the audio and video capabilities that make learning more student more effective.  The smartphone allows the student to expand their learning circle and take the advantage of online learning group through collaboration, sharing and reading updated news related to education or particular in any subject. 
The use of the smartphones allows for social learning. 
Smartphone technology allows the student to work in a group to the accomplished project, sharing ideas and course material, to help them out to other students and adopt learning with the creative way. Now with the rapid use of technology in education learning become social.  
Measure Productivity:
There are the different app that you can install in your smartphone in order to check productivity such ad Time Recording Pro. This application allows the student to measure the dedicated time that you spend on performing the particular task. This app can be useful for the students when they start doing exams preparation and doing the certain project that has different phases or part.
Make presentations: 
The smartphone is also effective to store and access course related data at any time and anywhere. Instead of carrying the laptop, hard drive and USB to store data student prefer to use the smartphone to access quickly at course, assignment and quiz related data. The student can save course presentation on their smartphones and then connect to the projector when your project demonstration turn coming. Another advantage to save the presentation on the smartphone is that student can learn and prepare themselves for the project presentation at any time. 
Carry out tests: 
With the revolution of technology and learning methods conducting or performing the test on the smartphone is one of the most amazing and innovative uses of a smartphone in this era. Now the student can perform test and quizzes on their smartphone that bring creativity and increase the intellectual capability of students. Giving test individually on the smartphone is also effective to test the capability and compatibility of an individual student. 
Listen to podcasts and read the news.
For the students who are hunger of deep knowledge and exposure to new information and learning and the students who want and comfort in learning outside the classroom like Assignment Writing Help than for those students smartphone along with podcast is effective for learning. Smartphone provides quick access to psychology, math, science, accounting, and civics. With the help of a smartphone you can access the journal on the different topic, article, updated news, online websites, podcasts, EdLang video and much more. You can do all of these things with the desktop computer but with the smartphone, you can access any type of information and news at any time and anywhere. Smartphones are also effective for the students who go aboard for foreign study. Student face problem to understand their language and it is impossible to learn without taking help from the native speaker. Students can easily install interpreter software on their smartphone so that they frequently communicate with another student who spoke another language.

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