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  • By Evan Walsh
  • 08-03-2019
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You may have heard of Kodi, but there are many out here wondering whether it is legal to use it and how to use effectively to benefit from it. Primarily, Kodi is an open-source platform for media streaming, which is fully legal to use. With plenty of add-ons and installations available for Kodi, the capabilities of this tool are unlimited.
If you already installed Kodi on to your device, then you can get access to your favorite TV shows, movies, and any types of media and internet content of your choice. Kodi is now available free of cost to be downloaded to a variety of devices including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield to name a few. The most stable and latest Kodi version is 17.6. Kodi just released its version 18 now; however, it’s still not made available for use.
How to use Kodi?
Once the installation is finished, you can see the Kodi interface, which is known as Kodi Skin with many options to choose from. If you want to change the default Kodi skin, you have option to edit it. There are many skins available for Kodi as listed on Bestdroidplayer with varying options for Movies, Music, TV shows, Add-ons etc.
Once the home-screen setup is done with preferred skin, you can go on with unlimited streaming. The efficient way to stream through Kodi is by installing an add-on. Kodi add‑ons are applications which carry the content you wish to see. There are hundreds of thousands of Kodi add-ons available in various forms.
Installing Kodi add-ons
1. Go to Kodi settings
2. Click on ‘System’
3. Scroll down and turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’
4. Go to previous screen by clicking on back button.
5. Select File Manager
6. Choose Add Source
7. Click <None>
8. Choose an appropriate add-on
With this, you can get the Kodi add-on of your choice to install. Even though there are many add-ons available, users may install only a few of their favorite for optimum efficiency.
Free VPNs for routers
While you are planning to install VPN on the router, you have to consider the best possible options. A couple of choices are:
- ExpressVPN – It is a mighty VPN server which offers a better speed, ease to use, and strong support in streaming live media and torrenting. All these come with the free trial and then a cheap pricing. There is also option to buy pre-configured routers from the provider.
- StrongVPN – This is not so easy to handle as the other VPNS, but when it comes to the heavy streaming of media and torrenting, StrongVPN is really a handy option to consider.
Why to configure VPN at router level?
It is possible for you to run a VPN right from your router, so that the machines in your network can go through a secured tunnel. This is a comprehensive process which require a bit of work initially, but it is ideal to do to ensure security and privacy. Free VPN for routers will help you bypass any snooping, censorship etc.
If you need a secured network with encrypted traffic and free access to data, then use of VPN at a router level is highly appreciated.

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