What Does The Future Hold For Online Gaming Since AR Is Already There?

  • By Audrey Throne
  • 09-08-2019
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future of online gaming
As we move towards the future, it is evident that the world is bound to look much different than the one we know today. History indicates that entertainment will be one of the most impacted sectors of our lives. Just think about all the means we use to entertain ourselves today that weren't there even as early as 15 to 20 years ago — modern social media, YouTube, Netflix, and so on.
One such mean of entertainment that is mostly different from its past versions is video gaming. Yes, indeed the industry has come a long way since its inception and the games of today look and feel completely different from the ones back then. The industry has taken some big leaps such as the advent of online gaming; however, it is far from its final form.
Online gaming sees regular improvements and additions year by year, such as AR. So, what is AR, and what are some other trends in online gaming? Let's find out.
AR or augmented reality has taken the world by storm over the last few years. Whether you know it or not, you have used or at least experienced AR several times. AR (not to be confused with VR or Virtual Reality) is a technology that takes a real-world image and adds digital data such as objects, pictures, text, or sound to it. Sound familiar? Let me give you a hint- Snapchat filters! But filters aren’t AR’s only use. Other uses include navigation, marketing, and also entertainment such as gaming.
AR games are being developed in bulk in 2019 and are widely popular. They provide a fun way of playing games while interacting with your actual surroundings. For example, a simple game could have enemies approaching you in your room, and you have to shoot them down. Perhaps the most famous AR game, Pokémon Go used phones' GSP location services and camera to create an immersive experience like none before. The game was an overnight success with over 100 million downloads on the Play Store to date.
Mobile Gaming:
Consoles and PCs have been the primary gaming platforms for decades. This was because specialized, high-performance hardware was needed to run games. While this is still very much true, the improvement of consumer tech has made it easier to play games on such equipment. The mobile gaming industry has boomed because of this trend.
You'd be forgiven if you don't remember the time when the only game you could play on mobile was Snakes if you play the mobile games of today. There several enthralling and addictive games such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite that one could play today. As the tech improves, gaming on phones is bound to become better with they serving as portable consoles to add to their multitude of uses as is. Gaming specific telephones such as the ones by Razer and ASUS are already providing gamers with the opportunity to play games in high resolution with high frame rates even today.
An alternative to downloading game apps is to play online on the phone's browser. This is particularly useful for those with lower-end phones that don't support HD games or those who wish to save storage space. Unlimited Gamez Mo. gaming site is one such option with a wide range of games you can play for a nominal price.
Cloud Gaming:
Cloud refers to certain services provided via the internet. They are widely used for storage, where they are rapidly replacing the need to buy expensive local storage on phones and computers. Just buy as much as you need and pay every month, just like renting an apartment to live in.
A similar concept has been in the works for gaming as well. The introduction of Google Stadia, a cloud gaming service deemed the "Netflix for Games," has been the most exciting development. Gamers can purchase the service for a monthly fee, which allows them to play directly from online servers in up to 4k resolution. The most exciting part is that one could do this on any device with an internet connection. That includes smartphones, TVs, and even the most underpowered laptops!
Cloud gaming services such as Stadia do have many question marks around them. What sort of internet connection would be required? Will there be lag latency? Etc. However, one thing is for sure. If it takes off, it could mean the end of consoles and gaming-specific hardware as we know it.
Social Gaming:
Humans are social animals, and it is in our nature to want to interact with one another. This is why one of the most important uses of the internet is social media. While social media can help you communicate with friends and so on, in the fast-paced world of today, it only makes sense that having fun while interacting at the same time would be a popular concept. Enter social gaming.
It’s important to note that social gaming isn’t a new concept. However, with improving internet speeds, the ability of consumer-grade tech to support games and free to play games have pushed the idea further by bringing more players into the world of gaming. Many developers are trying to blur the lines between social media and gaming. Co-Op games are now being thought of as more than just games and more as complete social experiences.
You can now post your in-game achievements online much more comfortable than ever before and even stream gameplay via platforms like YouTube and Twitch. The overall impact is that the gaming community is more prominent and closer than ever before.
Final thoughts
As long as there is a need to be entertained, there will be a need for gaming. One could argue that gaming is perhaps the most interactive method of entertainment we have. Where it was previously thought to be nothing but a waste of time, recent research indicates that it could hold several benefits as well. Not to mention that if one becomes good enough, they could make a comfortable living off it as well!
Indeed, with technological advancements and the additions of things such as AR and Cloud gaming to the industry, the future of gaming is as bright as it can be.

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