Why Flutter Is The Best Framework For Mobile App Development?

  • By Ravi Sharma
  • 06-01-2022
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flutter is best

Are you a beginner and want to develop an app? Are you still confused about the right framework? Don’t know whether to follow the trend of developing hybrid apps or go for the native ones? Don’t worry. We have all the answers.

In 2022, businesses will focus on cross-platform app development platforms. However, the native app development will be expensive for new players in the market with little cash resources. These businesses desperately want a fast, more promising, and cost-effective app development solution. And, the answer will be Flutter, a cross-platform app development framework.  

So, let's take a closer look at why Flutter is the most significant app development framework in 2022:

Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms
A beginner will be exposed to a ton of information on developing native apps. So why do you prefer hybrid apps to such native apps? Flutter offers cross-platform mobile app development tools that save time and remove all the headaches of developing different apps for iOS and Android. It has a single codebase that can be used on different platforms. Even, it has multilingual capabilities. Mobile users can use a Flutter app in their preferred language. Moreover, the apps work with the same speed on all platforms, so the performance remains consistent.

Faster Development
To run a simple test of a small android application takes a considerable amount of time that may vary from a few seconds to a minute. So, we can easily calculate the time to fix a complete visual layout feature. It will take a hefty amount of time. It is even possible that it does not perform as expected in the case of custom views. Flutter app development is several times faster because of the higher development speed. With the help of hot reloading, one can instantly view the changes in the existing state. It enables this framework to stand out by reducing the load times.

Reduced Time-to-market
This one is easy to understand. The Flutter is faster than all its rival development frameworks available in the market. It just takes half of the development time or even less as compared to an app designed separately for iOS or Android. The credit goes to the code independence from the platform. In simple words, you can create a two-dimensional user interface without any involvement in native app development—additionally, a declarative API to improve performance concerning UI development in Flutter for visual modifications.

Improved Platform-Wide UI Consistency
Fluter applies similar business logic to maintain consistency among all platforms to maintain consistency among cross platforms. It shares the UI code itself, whereas other cross platforms have common code only. Most cross-platform frameworks use platform-specific rendering components. So always synchronize each animation into a widget call for each platform. Flutter only needs a canvas to eliminate any concerns about UI uniformity across platforms.

Less Expensive App Development
If we talk about the app development budget of any company, Flutter gives impeccable results to deliver apps in comparatively fewer costs and time. This is all because Fluter can reuse the code and save a lot of time that the developer may spend on boilerplate code writing. The dart programming used in Flutter is faster and has an easy learning curve. These factors aid in the work efficiency and reducing costs of the Flutter apps. Even so, the Flutter app developing community is expanding at a high pace to make the development look more rewarding and effortless.

Exceptional User Experience
The performance of an application is one of the most critical factors of a good user experience.

It can be said that the Flutter application performance will be better than native apps in some complicated UI animation criteria. Why? The reason is no dependency on intermediate code representations. The app will be going to code directly into the machine language so removing any performance issues raised from the interpretation process. It will eventually help you compile the whole application before the expected release time.

To summarize, Flutter has gained a lot of popularity in a short time span. This is all because of the discussed features of using a single codebase, UI, multi-language feature, fast and cheap development, excellent user experience, less time to market, and many more. Many of the industry leaders are using Flutter to create applications in various sectors like service, utility, hospitality, social media, healthcare, etc. Flutter app development will give more opportunities in the future.

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