Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2020

  • By Scarlett Williams
  • 26-02-2020
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AI and ML
The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is something y0u should look forward to in mobile app development. This duo will be very useful for complex actions.
It will be easier for our phones to detect problems, which means they can be fixed before the phone crashes. Previous data will reveal about development processes, and through this trend, it will be easier to learn from that data.

Even the usage pattern of consumers will be able to implement actions without instructions. This combination will save even using a finger to tap our homes, automobiles, and phones, along with other things, will work on their own.

Beacon Technology
Beacon technology is seriously something from the future. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals are used in this technology. When the phone enters a Beacon tech Zone, the signals will be transmitted to the relevant app, and you will get notifications. This will significantly reduce the path between consumers and companies.

2020 will witness many apps that will be beacon-based, and there will be several beacon locations.

Mobile Wallets
This trend has already created a market for itself with Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal type of services. The popularity of these services is a hint for all mobile app developers to come up with mobile wallets in their apps.

This will be a major hit, imagine all you have to do is link your account details once to a mobile wallet and you are all set to spend whenever you want to and wherever you need to.

Instant Apps

Who doesn’t love to use a service without having to download an app? There will be very few who would disagree. Instant Apps is a trend that we are going to see and fall in love with this year. They are smaller apps that don’t need installation time. Another good thing is these apps are faster, and their speed has nothing to do with the storage and hardware of the device.


Crypto currencies and smart contracts have already given us the peek in the Blockchain world and how convenient it is going to be. It provides security to our information, which includes transactions, data, and documents. All the information will be irretraceable.

This is the best solution to the concerns of cybersecurity. Decentralized apps don’t need any mediator to manage data, and this is exactly what makes it extremely secure.

Internet of Things
Imagine controlling your son- IT equipment with apps or remote? Fascinating, no? This is what IoT offers. It has already been introduced in various sectors, and it is quite successful. It is moving our lives ahead and towards the easier to use wearable devices. The convenience it provides is amazing, and consumer demand is sure to skyrocket, which will force developers to have it in their new apps.

Cloud Integration

It is still a shock that cloud technology has not stepped into the mobile world. Well, 2020 is going to be the year of cloud-integrated apps.
These apps will not take space in internal mobile memory since they run on the cloud. It simply means no phone is crashing while using apps.

Offline Capability
This trend is self-explanatory. This way, you’ll be able to get saved data even when you don’t have an internet connection. This will allow consumers to work in offline mode, and the device can also be synced to the work server in case you need uploading. The data will be saved in storage, and it will be uploaded as soon as you have a connection.

On-Demand Apps

All you have to do is place a request in the app, and you’ll have the desired service at your location. There are many forms of these apps, such as grocery, taxi, and food. Mobile app developers have already shifted their focus to these apps, but 2020 is going to give us plenty more.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
This year we will have several AR-based apps. The social media experience will be revolutionized as well. Facebook spaces have already been released for VR experience, and Instagram has AR filters.
This is the year when we will have many AR/VR based apps on our phones.

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