Top Healthcare Mobile App Trends You Should Consider in 2020

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  • 09-09-2020
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The age of technology witnesses the development of newer apps every day. Healthcare, which was once a challenging condition for people to consider, has seen advancement thanks to modern-day technology.

Technology helps us have everything at a stone throw distance from us. These days we are used to having things on demand, and healthcare applications are no different.

The convenience people get when there is an app on-demand is immeasurable. Top hospitals, nursing homes, public and private healthcare sectors are tailoring apps for the needs of people. Let us check the ongoing trends in healthcare apps in 2020

Body Vitals Tracker
Developers who design healthcare apps ensure that they can track our body vitals. These apps are integrated with gear or device which remains in contact without the body. When we open a healthcare application, we can check the readings of our blood pressure, heart rate, BMR, pulse rate, etc. Some highly advanced apps and gadgets can also give us information on oxygen saturation in our bodies.

These health tracking fundamentals are of vital use when the world is going through the crisis of a pandemic. Before rushing to the hospital, people can have a comprehensive idea of how their body internals are functioning and take necessary action.

Wearable Devices
Healthcare apps that tell us how our body functions do not do so without a wearable device. A wearable device is a watch-like band that people wear on their wrist.

This device wirelessly connects to the health application on our smartphones. The Internet of Things paved the way for the development of such wearables, which consistently observe the health parameters of the wearer.

Common wearables such as FitBits, Apple Watch, etc. measure the metrics of the wearer. Users can download apps that integrate with these wearables for a more detailed report.

Online Medicine Services
Healthcare apps always have a section where people have exposure to buy and order medicines. This was of immense importance during the pandemic when people feared to step out of their houses.

The healthcare apps provide a place where the patient can exchange information about the required medicines with the chemist. Since these concepts are particularly new, there are lots of offers and discounts on medicines ordered by these healthcare apps. Patients also get generalized instructions on medicines and doses for common diseases without requiring to meet a doctor physically.

Fitness Tracker
Healthcare apps have a dynamic integration with the fitness band that the wearer wears. Most people wear them when they are exercising. It helps the app to display the total amount of calories burnt during a workout session.

Some healthcare and fitness apps have a section where people can enter their body type. The app allows them to enter the measurements of the body and suggests appropriate exercises to stay fit.

When people start working out, the fitness band and the app indicate how much time the user should spend on what type of exercise. The report also enlightens the user of the amount of fat loss that took place in the process.

Location Tracker
How do you think your fitness band can tell you how many miles you have walked? Any idea? It does so with the help of equipment called location tracker. Remote healthcare is incomplete without locating where the patient is. It connects to the GPS to track where the mobile or the wearable device is located.

The location tracker sends radio signals to the satellites. This radio communication discloses how many miles or steps the wearer has traveled wearing it. It is also handy in times of crisis. How can the police or ambulance find you if you are alone and sick?

If you can send out SOS alerts from your app in an emergency, the concerned department will come to rescue you. They will track you down from the location of your health tracker.

Community Of Doctors
Several healthcare apps have made a significant name for themselves in the Indian Market. This has ultimately resulted in the involvement of reputed doctors with these app-based services. For instance, Practo and Medibuddy are two top growing competitor app-based healthcare services in India. In these apps, a user needs to register to find a community with doctors treating different kinds of diseases.

Forget those days when getting the contact details of a renowned doctor was a daunting mission. With healthcare apps becoming popular, more and more people are tuning in to them to get in touch with doctors of their needs.

They have a vast community, and finding information from there is so easy.

Remote Consultancy
Sometimes it is difficult to visit a physician's chamber, and we request the doctor to pay a visit to our house. But, what happens when the doctor is out of the station, and cannot visit the patient? Consultancy with a doctor virtually became popular, especially when people became wary of COVID-19 disease. Patients who seek medical supervision can find doctors and schedule an appointment in the app itself.

They search for the doctor who diagnoses a specific ailment, check the ratings and reviews, schedule an appointment through the healthcare app itself. If possible, the doctor can pay a visit to the patient or do set up an online diagnosis through video conferencing whenever possible. The prescription and invoice are sent across, and the payments are settled online through the app.

Contact Tracing
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, health apps have been updated with a contact tracing feature. Joining hands with location tracking, now it is possible to trace if a patient has been exposed to someone who has the COVID-19 disease.

Once known, the person goes quarantine and isolates themselves to curb the spread of the disease.

These are the top trends when it comes to healthcare, and before you download an application, you must ensure that you will get these features. This blog enlightens readers to healthcare apps and encourages them to stay safe during the pandemic.

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