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  • By Johnson Lewis
  • 19-09-2022
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WordPress is considered the best content management system (CMS). It has gained a lot of popularity as a website development platform.

If you are powering up your online business with WordPress, you must be aware of the benefits of investing in WordPress development services, including more options for customization.

The continual arrival of new WordPress development trends offers more possibilities for website owners. Adopting such trends can help you to move your business website one step ahead of your competitors.

So, to get a competitive advantage, keep reading the post to know the various WordPress website development trends that you can implement on your site.

Use Parallax Effects
The parallax effect refers to when a user scrolls down the page, the background images or the content moves slower than the foreground content. Though parallax scrolling is a traditional approach, it still is considered the latest website development trend. WordPress offers various parallax plugins that one can install to create a parallax effect on their website.

Chatbot Integration
When most businesses are moving online, it is essential to establish proper communication with your website visitors. Chatbot integration is one such helpful way to achieve the same. This feature helps companies to communicate directly with their customers and resolve their queries.

With custom WordPress development services, businesses are incorporating chatbots into their websites to solve customer queries in a fun and quick way.

Video Backgrounds
Embedding videos in site background and headers has been a major trend for many years, but it continues as the latest website development trend. It helps you make the website more engaging and, thus, boost user engagement. In addition, it also provides a unique way to present your website content.

Voice Search
A lot of internet users prefer voice searching over typing to search for a product or service they want. Making your website voice-search enabled will provide a convenient website experience to your site visitors. You can partner with a competent WordPress website development company to incorporate a voice search option into your website. 

Dark Mode
It has been popular for many years yet remains the latest trend in website development. This trend is basically associated with the color scheme of the website. It refers to using a darker background for the website, and text and other UI elements will display in a light color.

With WordPress development, you can build a website with dark mode feature and provide your site visitors an option to toggle between light mode or dark mode as per their preference.

Drag and Drop Page Builder
A drag-and-drop page builder makes the task easy, even for beginners. It eliminates the need to rely on heavy coding to customize a website or web app. On WordPress, you can use Divi, Elementor, WPBackery, and other plugins to achieve the drag-and-drop functionality to ease your website development process.

So, these were the top WordPress development trends that you can consider for enhancing website features, performance, etc. Implementing such trends will provide uniqueness to your website and helps to give a better user experience to your website visitors. For the integration of such trends into your website, you can hire a competent WordPress website development company to make your website more exciting and user-friendly for your website visitors.

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