What Is The Future Of VR?

  • By Natalie Wilson
  • 24-07-2018
  • Virtual Reality
virtual reality
New virtual reality technology is something to pay attention to. With big global companies such as Sony and Facebook looking into and developing their own software, VR is likely going to be made much more affordable for normal people. But, as impressive as the technology is, many people still believe that it is in its early days. With that doubt, many people are thinking of new ideas and ways that virtual reality can impact and influence our future lives, but just what is the future of VR?
The biggest, and most obvious, advancement in virtual reality is set to be in gaming. Facebook bought Oculus Rift, the huge virtual reality system, in 2014 for a massive $2 billion. There is a large amount of money involved in creating and developing virtual reality consoles, headsets and software and big companies like Samsung and Sony are set to release their own VR headsets in the near future. With virtual reality games becoming much more intense and immersive, VR in gaming is looking to become the biggest technological advancement of the 21st century. 
virtual reality
Can you imagine being able to explore the world using Google Maps and a VR headset? With the rise in virtual reality technology and app development, virtual reality is looking to allow people to explore the world from the comfort of their home. Not only useful for exploring the world, estate agents would be able to provide property viewings for potential buyers in a different town or country, museums around the world would be able to give tours for those unable to travel there and teachers would be able to truly teach a class about history or geography. Virtual reality is set to change the way in which we see and learn about the world around us with fewer limitations and boundaries. 
Films and TV
Remember when 3D films used to involve wearing paper glasses with red and blue plastic lenses? Well, the advancement in virtual reality means that soon we will be able to fully immerse ourselves in a film or tv programme, from the comfort of our sofas. We could soon be able to watch our favourite action movies whilst being able to live through the action of the characters. Nature programmes and documentaries could transport us into the centre of the rainforest, or into the darkest depths of the ocean. 
The use of virtual reality in medicine is something that is already having a huge impact on the way the medical field is progressing. It is far safer and practical for training surgeons and medical students to practise and work in a realistic environment and VR offers medical students fully interactive training sessions and specimens that they can practice surgery and treatment on without the use of plastic models or bodies that have been donated to science. With the help of virtual reality, we’re set to have much better-trained doctors and surgeons and that is something that is sure to benefit us all in the future. 
What Should We Expect From Virtual Reality? 
future of vr
The future of VR is set to include so much more than just game controllers and headsets. Whilst virtual reality has primarily been focused on the visual senses since its early beginning, experts are now predicting that VR is set to become a lot more sensory oriented in the future. The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to virtual reality technology and it is set to have a massive impact on the world we live in and how people live their lives. Only time will be able to tell what impact virtual reality will have, but it’s set to be big.

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