10 Most Important Elements to Consider While Designing Business Websites

  • By Shehroz Qasim
  • 11-01-2019
  • Web Design
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The website is an important part of any business whether big or small. Almost all the business now majorly works online and therefore, not having a web presence is a stupid idea and might negatively affect your brand growth and sales. The designing and development of a website is a crucial step and even more, if it is a business site. There are a lot of things which are included in single web design and the designers and developers must keep that in mind to avoid any negative situation. If you are planning to design a business site following are the 10 most important things to be kept in mind throughout the process.
Space is the latest element that has been added to the web designs. A few years ago there was not much space seen on websites. However, including white space is a beneficial point for the readability and user-friendly factors. It makes it easier to understand and read the text that is written on the site. If you add white space around a certain image or text, it will make it increase the focus and make the object look bigger than the one which is written in a congested space. White space is also between text lines and words.
Navigation should be kept simple and easy to use. People do not like to navigate complicated designs. You should also keep the number of navigating bars slow as possible. Depending on the design of your website, 5 to 10 are the right number of navigation bars. Make sure that you have kept the navigation clear and easy to use as the users use websites for their convenience and if there is too hard and too much navigation they get disappointed and might as well look for a better website.
About us
The section of about us should be clearly mentioned on your business web page. It is not that important for big businesses who have already gained their reputation and name in the world and people can recognize them in a go. However, if you are a small business you need to clearly and extensively mention the details of the type of your business and its nature. It helps the users to figure out the exact nature and market of your product or service. There are two types of about us sections; one is a separate about us page where the details are mentioned in detail or it is mentioned in a section of the homepage.
Contact us
Contact us is important because sometimes customers are looking for something which is not mentioned on the internet and in that case they will need to have contact information of the brand. It is extremely annoying to struggle for finding information for contacting the customer representative of any service. Make sure it is clearly visible and the information like address, contact number, and email address are mentioned for the ease of customers.  You can also make a separate page for contact us section in which the form requiring customers’ basic details for your representative to later reach out to them for their inquiry.
Call to action
Call to action is the button in which the option of directly getting in touch with the customer support representative or the option of signing up is given. It completely depends on the type of business it is. However, this button is important as it makes convenient for the visitors to get to the service they want if they are really interested in your page. The call to action button can also ensure sale if it is an e-commerce site by giving the option of order now.
Including the search bar on the website is very important if we look at it from the reader’s point of view. If the website is quite detailed with several numbers of pages, the search bar will help the user to quickly look up for the specific thing he aims for. However, without the search bar, he might have to go through several different pages on the site to finally find the desired product or service. Recently, adding a search bar is becoming a common practice and it is a positive change which must be adopted by all the website designers and developers.
The footer of the website should include all the relevant information regarding the business that includes the copyrights, branches (if applicable), different regions of business and other such information. It is better to keep the same footer on every page of the site to make it easier for the visitors to access the information regardless of the web page they are on.
Design of buttons
The design of the buttons should be such that it can be easily recognized by the visitors. If the buttons are not easily identifiable then it would be hard for the visitors to differentiate among the normal text and the call to action buttons. Therefore make sure the buttons added on the site are easily identifiable.
A renowned web development company recently shed light on the importance of the image size and quality added on the site. The quality of the images that are added on the website should be HD and excellent to make the look of the website attractive and catchy for the visitors. Hire a professional photographer to shoot pictures of the products or services to add them to the website. Similarly, the images should not be too big in size as that will affect the readability and focus of the text.
Font plays a vital role in the readability of the content, therefore, you must make sure that the color and style of the font is easily understandable for people. Consider the color of the background while deciding the color of the font to make it clear and visible.
Discussed above are the 10 important elements that should be considered while designing a business website to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

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