6 Reasons You should Update Your WordPress Plugins

  • By Jigar Shah
  • 29-07-2020
  • Web Design
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WordPress Plugins help you to increase the functionality of your WordPress website. There are over 50,000 plugins to choose from and many of them are on offers. It is, however, very important to update WordPress Plugins.

This article provides you with the necessary information as to why to update WordPress plugins. For this, you can also hire a WordPress Plugin Development Company.

Security & Bug Fixes
To take control of WordPress websites, hackers often look for vulnerabilities that they can exploit. Occasional bugs are crawling into the production code despite the indefinite works of the best endeavours of WordPress plugin authors. It is these bugs that the hackers try to take control of.

To avoid such security threats, it is necessary to update your plugins. With the changing technology, developers get accustomed to the vulnerabilities in their plugins and release updates to patch them up. By having updated plugins, you include an additional layer of protection to your Web site, which cuts down hacks, and malware risks.

Improved Performance
Over time due to the evolution of technology plugins are upgraded by the authors and take advantage of their changes. Better performance of the plugins is one of the benefits the updated version of the plugins gets. Updates remove bugs and plugins function better. The functionality and performance of your website are driven by the performance of the plugins installed. Therefore, when you update the plugins, your site will perform better with pages loading fast, buttons will work perfectly and images will load accurately.

Better Credibility
An optimally running website is the greatest asset for any business. To maintain this asset and secure your company’s online reputation you need to update the plugins. It will not only enhance performance, click conversions, and users’ confidence but will also boost your business credibility.

Improved SER
Google loves to rank websites that can offer a pleasant and helpful experience to its users/visitors. Humans like to click and read those sites that are secure, safe, and easy to click through when purchasing online. Everyone likes when pages load fast, images display accurately, and buttons work well. This will improve your business ranking on search engines also.

Enhanced Functionality
When more and more users begin to install a plugin, the author of the plugin is notified by the WordPress community to add additional functionality to the plugins. You get enhanced functionalities by updating your plugins.

Improved Compatibility
Updraft Plus and Sitekit by Google are two of the most amazing plugins. Due to a compatibility issue between these plugins, a problem might arise where you would find your site not being able to back up properly. This is a major issue whose fix has not yet been developed. However, authors are working on the fix and as soon as it releases, both these plugins will be updated to the latest version so that they can work properly together.

When Should I Update WordPress Plugins?
It is a relief to know that whenever the plugin needs to be updated or a new update for the plugin is available, WordPress will automatically notify you. One of the indications would be the number present up against the Update icon on the Admin toolbar.

Another indication is that on the left-hand menu, the Updates option will show how many updates are available to apply for the plugins, and the number of plugins would be specified as well.

Don’t just update randomly
It is very dicey to update blindly. A bug can be easily present in the compatibility issues or the release of the update. There is a clear understanding so far that you should backup before you do anything. This way, you are safe because you can restore it from any position on the website. UpDraftPlus is one of the most exceptional backup plugins which has over 2 million installs. Other alternatives are present as well that would meet your backup needs.

These are some of the causes that will help you realize why plugin updates are so vital for your website. Better to hire a WordPress Development Company in India to get your website updated and bug-free.

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