7 Website Design Insights To Establish Long-Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

  • By Jennifer Marvin
  • 07-01-2019
  • Web Design
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Crafting a shipshape website is not an easy job, but the reward, in the end, is worth it.
With a well-thought logo & website design, owners of the business feel the need to attract as many customers as they can towards the brand.
This can be done by playing with the colors, the typefaces of the website and the layout of the website.
When the customers see the aesthetic, they automatically assume that the design they’re seeing on the website reflects the values that the company holds.
At least this is the common goal of a great website.
But website owners of today are more towards understanding the website from the point-of-view of the customers: is it intuitive? Is it helpful? Or is it informative?
If the website is complex or not fulfilling their needs, customers will leave the website without saying a word.
Website owners must-utilize insights which are presented in this blog to establish long-term relationships with the customers.
1) Re-enforce branding
If you’re an old company and dream of outwitting your competitors, you can always take help from website re-enforce branding.
For instance, there are two websites from famous photographers who take full advantage of the white spaces. Why? Because the whitespaces give space to the actual photographs. Each photo acts as an individual masterpiece.
Anyone willing to buy the photos know that the photographers are serious about their job and know how to sell the photos by not sacrificing their quality online.
As per a professional logo design agency ‘re-enforcing can be done in many other ways. For instance, keeping the colors and text same all across the website. Following the same theme, and keeping the navigation seamless throughout the website.’
Ensure that the logo used on the website is consistent with the style, the typography, and even the colors.
2) Easy navigation is always a win-win
The simplest way to establish authority for your website is to help the customers with the buyer’s journey.
The website should be intuitive and helpful. It is not wise to let the customer maneuver on the website.
If the navigation is hard, there will be high bounce rate.
The main menu should have all the necessary terms and submenus for the visitors to reach for their desired product.
No need to confuse the customer with labels as ‘photo gallery’ when you have a portfolio on that page.
3) Have plenty of touch points
Most of the times when the customers visit your website they are looking to contact you straight away. For such customers, you need to provide multiple touch points.
Keep one at the top of the page, one at the bottom, and a separate “Contact us” page. Don’t miss out the live chat feature.
The frustrated users won’t stick around for so long. So, it is best to provide them with the information which they’re looking for.
Email is a great way to establish a genuine touch point with the customer. Furthermore, the most common touch points are contact number, email address, social media channels, and location map.
4) Take it mobile
The lion’s share of people is purchasing products from mobile.
That means you cannot ignore the power of mobile. It is crucial to design your website for mobile users. Away in which every page appears crystal clear on the device.
While there might be a problem with online resources, mobile is something which can attract customers in more genuine ways.
The navigation buttons need your attention. The logos and even the theme that you use on mobile should have a clear call-to-action button.
The website layout needs to be professional and modified especially for the mobile phone.
5) Don’t keep the visitors waiting
Consider this, you want to do your research work but your internet is not working. You open-up Google and starts playing with the offline game that is keeping you engaged. Even with the internet not working, Google is able to grab your attention till the time when the internet goes up.
The same technique you can do to engage your users when the users are facing with loading delays.
Give them an interesting video to watch. Show them the backstage workings of your company in a picture gallery.
Or use the JavaScript to think something creative to do with the mouse cursor.
6) Focus on the strong content
The websites which are filled with visual appeal without any information about the product or service are bound to fail soon.
The potential clients want to read how you can solve their problem? Either make a slideshow presentation and present it in the intro of the main page or the services section of your website.
Educate the users so they can establish trust on you.
Content is a vital element to attract the customers by creating an emotional appeal to the visitors.
Search engines are also preferring content which is relevant to the audience and provides some value to the users.
The best way to engage new users is to pump the website with constant new content. The new offers, the announcements, and even the new product launches.
7) The intuitive eCommerce experience
You might be thinking why a website owner would be willing to make it difficult for the users to give their money. Well, this is not an intentional thing.
Sometimes due to overloading of data and products the eCommerce experience gets suffered a lot. But, if you try to keep things simple, you’ll be remembered in good name by your customers.
There are tons of beautiful websites out there and sadly when you try to purchase anything from the website, it feels like you’re dealing with an old-school website.
There should be an opportunity to the customers to read the reviews and make the decision right from the website.
Most of the users are now well-informed and they need social proof before they buy anything from a new brand.
For an eCommerce store, it is all about stars and actual reviews from the customers. You can try it out too and see how the visitors are responding to your website.
To wrap it all up
By being helpful to the customers you can always win the heart of the customer and built a powerful bond with them. If you’re able to create a powerful memorable experience for the user they will not only remember you, they will also get the word out with their friends.

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Jennifer Marvin

Jennifer Marvin is a graphic designer and co-founder of Brands Design.