A Succinct Guide To Redesign a Website in 2020

  • By Saif Malik
  • 09-11-2020
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The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride; businesses all over the world have suffered immensely during the ongoing pandemic. According to the Asian Development bank, the global economy will suffer up to $8.8 trillion loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surprisingly, the pandemic that devastated the economy worldwide helped the digital industry to bloom. The change in dynamics led  a lot of companies to website redesign. A survey conducted by eShopWorld suggests a 170% increase in online sales of luxury goods internationally. This boom has announced the dominance of digital marketing. Businesses without e-commerce functionality have suffered the most and have learned the lesson of neglecting the online presence.

We have emphasized the importance of a fully functioning website multiple times. Companies often forget that a website is a digital headquarters that promotes their business 24/7. The importance of social media platforms can't be neglected, but without a running website, your company's authenticity will always be questioned.

What Do You Mean By Website Redesign?
Website redesigning is the process of revamping the entire website to optimize the results. Redesigning is not only limited to the graphic elements; the revamping of every website depends on the needs of a business.

Some might need minor changes, while others may require changes in the SEO components. No matter what the changes are, a website redesign is necessary to gain attraction by creating an effective online presence.

The website redesign is a crucial step that has to be carried out after extensive planning and research. A developer should be aware of the needs of the business and only then design the web page.

A slight mistake and your website redesign can turn into a disaster, costing you time and money.

Does Your Website Need Redesigning?
How to tell if your website needs a redesign or not? Simply let analytics decide this for you because numbers tell a story without bias. If your website is generating traffic and helping you generate a decent amount of leads and conversions, there might be no need for a revamp at the moment.

Companies often decide to redesign their websites to follow their competitors, which often leads to decreased web traffic. Here are some of the question you need to ask yourself before investing in redesigning your website:

-    Is your website optimized for different devices?
-    Is there any change in your brand’s goal?
-    Is the design of your website outdated?
-    Is your website performing perfectly?
-    What are the numbers?  (leads, conversion, web traffic)
-    Which website development service will you hire?

Only initiate the redesigning process after you have analyzed each and every aspect mentioned above.

Crucial Steps To Conquer The Website Redesign
As discussed above, a website is your digital outlet and hence should be treated like one. Being your digital well-wishers, we always want your online businesses to flourish. So, here are the following steps that will ensure the success of your website redesign:

Analyze Your Current Website
The first step to eliminate your comings is to acknowledge them. You need to carry out an in-depth audit of your current website to identify the areas that need correction. An audit will provide you with a 360 degree review of weak spots in the design or user interface of your website. While you're at it, don’t forget to analyze the following:

- Build a sitemap and review every page independently. A blueprint of your website will help you collect the data that will help you later during the web development process.
- A SEO audit is highly recommended to evaluate your current performance metrics. The reason for reviewing SEO performance is because it will help you identify problems in your website related to content. There is a chance that your website is missing out on keywords that are crucial for bringing web traffic. Online tools like GoogleConsole can help you with on site SEO analysis.
- Last but not the least, inspect the content of your website thoroughly. The content on a website should be geared towards their prospects only. There are websites with great content but with a slight problem  the content is of no interest to the end user.

Keep The Consumer Journey In Consideration
Always prioritize the needs of the end user; you are designing your website for the consumers. If they don't like using it then what is the use of it? Your key goal should be to impress your prospect. A website's efficiency is defined by its effectiveness to convert a lead into a customer. A web page should be like a map leading to a treasure.

There are tools like UserLytica and UserTesing that can help you evaluate the user friendliness of your web page.

Set Your Goal And Devise A Strategy
A goal is something that gives direction to your efforts. Without a proper defined goal, you will endup lost in the digital clutter. The best practice for you is to set realistic goals that you need to achieve with your digital platform. Your initial analysis will help you at this stage when you are ready to set your future aims and objectives.

All the weak aspects that require the most attention should be your priority. After you are done setting your goals, now is the time to develop a strategy of how to achieve what you desire.

Set Up A Timeline
Like they say, time is money. Having said that, websites take time to develop. Therefore, setting up a realistic timeline will help you achieve your goal. You can’t renovate your office in a few days of time, then how can you expect to complete your website launch in tight deadlines? In saving time, you might end up wasting a ton of money.

Do remember to share all the major deadlines with the website development service you hire.

Design And Content
An ordinary man has no idea of heavy website related jargons; he doesn't know what SEO optimization is, or how HTML works. The only thing that attracts the eye of a common man is your design and the content of your web page.

The tone of your content and the elements of your design heavily depend on the target market you are catering to. This will be easy for you if you have done your initial homework, otherwise you might end up creating generic content.

Hire A Creative Agency
While there are many freelancers available who will do the job for you in half the price, we recommend opting for a digital agency that offers Website Development Services because it is not a one man job.

Creative agencies have dedicated teams that will work on their respective areas, on the other hand, freelancers will not be able to provide you with such a variety of services. Website development is an important investment, therefore , spend wisely.

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