Actionable Tips To Add More Stamina To Your About Us Page

  • By Alisha
  • 05-07-2019
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actionable tips to add more stamina to your about us page
Your “About Us” page reflects the profile and personality of your company and thus it is counted among the most influential pages. However, many websites find it difficult to create a compelling about us page. They have concerns about the ideal length, style, tone and contents of about us page. This article contains the vital factors that can help you to create awesome about us page that can really influence your audience. Here are a few tips to consider:
Who would visit your About Us Page?
The audiences who visit about us page are most likely interested in checking your profile for some specific purpose. They might be looking for B2B partners or interested in buying your products or services. Irrespective of their profile or purpose, this audience could have some common concerns like
• Nature of your business: Semi-Publicized, Privately owned, public enterprise or home business
• The geographical reach of the business: Whether you operate on a local level or have a global presence across multiple continents
• Size of the business: Start-up, Small, Medium or Large
• The future course of the business: To know about the future vision of your business
• Profile: Complete profile of your business including history, CEO, core values, experience, expertise, and portfolio
How to create an ideal About Us Page?
In order to leave a positive influence on the audience, it is very important to offer precise, straightforward answers to the above questions. However, at the same time, you also need to leave a positive long-lasting influence on your audience in order to establish a brand value. Of course, you can also use your about us page to subtly encourage the people for buying your products/services. You need to draft an effective content that is multipurpose, yet brief, crisp and to the point.
For that we need to follow some guidelines as below:
Establish your authority wisely
Appreciating your own business incessantly or using overconfident tone in your About Us not only makes it look less credible but can also distance the audience from your website.
• You should better offer the facts that establish your authority in a modest simple tone.
• Avoid using many superlative adjectives to describe your business. Rather let the clients know about the benefits that you offer your B2B/B2C clients as a business or a partner.
• Try to include as many facts about your business as possible especially the awards, recognition, special accomplishments and other such data that can off you cutting edge to your business. However, avoid using self-aggrandizing tone.
Tell people about your experience and achievements
The experience and achievements are the two most vital parts of any business that invite the clients’ trust. So you should talk in details about the total experience your company holds in the industry and various important projects your company have handled so far.
• Try to include only the key projects here like the Government projects, international projects or other high-profile projects that can add real value to your brand.
• Also, you should write about the various milestones that you have completed so far in your business history.
• Think of this part as the communication used in an introductory meeting with a potential key client who wants to know more about your business. Maintain the same level of care, brevity, and professionalism while creating the content for this part.
Connect with the target group
The target group is another important factor to keep in mind while creating the about us page. You would need different types of contents to make connections with different target groups.
• For example, if you are targeting the work at home Moms then your tone needs to be more conversational and homely but if you are targeting the B2C clients then it needs to be more professional and well formulated. You should also use the industry related keywords phrases that would attract the interest of the B2C clients.
• Likewise, the demographics, gender, age group and even the income level of the targeted audience also play a major role while creating the content.
Multiuse your “about us” page as a part of CTA strategy
Many visitors who are already on your about us page most possibly would be looking for buying your products/services or starting a business relationship. So you can also add some elements of CTA strategy while design your about us page.
• Your writing should be so convincing and credible that should encourage the audience to take a decisive step, like buying your services or sending the business proposal.
• You should also try to offer a pointed answer to the major concerns of the audience.
• Design your content in such a way that it should prompt the user to take an action without sounding too pushy.
Your audience love stories
Using a formal tone for starting to the end can make your content too boring to impress the clients even if you have added all the accreditations, milestones and areas of expertise to your description. That can actually defeat the very objective of your about us page. So try to storify the things. People like reading stories. So adding story elements to your About Us page can be a good strategy to attract visitors and keep them engaged.
• Add humor, passion, dreams, and vision in your about us description.
• Use the friendly, conversational tone and also talk about your people- the CEO, co-founder, key staff etc. People love reading about their personalities. It will help you to increase their stay period and at the same time make a better connection with your target groups.
Your “About Us” is visited by the audience who are either interested in starting a business relationship or buying your products in bulk or on a regular basis. That is why it is very important to create an impressive "about us" page that can quickly connect with the visitors, keep them engaged and win their trust. In this blog, we have mentioned some important actionable tips to create great about us pages for your website.

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