Best Books You Should Read As A Beginner Web Designer

  • By Chloe Bennet
  • 03-05-2019
  • Web Design
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Expert web designers all had to start somewhere. So, they were practicing, learning, taking classes and reading as much as possible. Many online tutorials are online nowadays but still, nothing beats reading a real paper book - or at least reading a proper book on Kindle. This is why we have come up with this list of the best books for beginners web designers to learn and get to know more about web design. This is a field that changes quickly so you always need to stay on top of things in order to stay relevant. So, whether you are just learning or brushing up on your techniques, these books will help you be a better designer.
Visual QuickStart Guide
This book is a quick - as the name says - and simple guide for anyone looking to learn HTML and CSS in a hurry and through something more tangible. This is an easy, step-by-step format that will help you learn.
It doesn’t cover scripting or more current themes, it explains the structure and the basics of a good design and how to debug your codes. It contains plenty of examples and input types in HTML but the writing can be a tad unfocused at times.
Responsive with HTML5 and CSS3
This book emphasizes the use of the flexbox layout and it explains how to build sites with a seamless flow that will look great both on desktop and mobile devices. It’s written in first person and the grammar errors are common. They will show you CSS animations, show you how to use validations and so on. However, it does rely on online links a lot.
UX for Beginners
This book will teach you how to build great sites for mobile and then using the best practices possible for creating an ultimate user experience for the app or the responsive page. This book is accessible for everyone and you can easily learn the fundamentals. It’s also quite funny, contains 100 short lessons and so on.
WordPress for Beginners
“This is an indie publish, but it’s kept updated and it’s also a visual guide to the platform which many people use but not as many understand so well. It has over 250 screenshots, and you can learn simply, so that your hobby or business can flourish. It explains taggings and scheduling, it covers SEO and so on,” says Tiffany Bell, a regular contributor to Academized and Essay Services.
Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited
This book has many illustrations which makes it fun to read and it also takes the general, logical approach which people of any age can accept and learn from. This book is clear, with no jargon or formal lingo and it also makes the work sound simple.
“This book comes from Jon Duckett and it has plenty of great real-world examples, illustrations and infographics. So, this is the perfect book for people who prefer to learn through visuals. It discusses the topics in a fun and engaging way and it addresses front-end development as well. The only pitfall is that it hasn’t been updated since 2011.”, says Juliette Brown, n author at Revieweal and Bestbritishessays.
About Face: The Essentials of Interaction
This book has been updated to meet the current standards of mobile friendliness. It can teach you how to create for smartphones, tablets and traditional desktop devices. It has plenty of current, great examples and it even focuses on touch interaction on mobile. It covers the best patterns and practices, takes a methodical approach and it’s created in full color.
These have been some of the best books for beginners web designers as well as for those who want to learn more about modern needs and design patterns as well as the best practices. Hopefully, these books will help you become a better designer.

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