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  • 12-08-2022
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Real estate competition is real and harsh. It is easy to get overlooked by potential clients as so many agents are competing in the real estate market. To rise above the competition, you must market yourself effectively.

Before making a purchase, real estate customers dig deep online. They browse through different sites, analyze particulars and then make a purchase. Understanding the competition reminds real estate dealers of the need for an engaging website.

Why is Website Design Important?

Having your real estate website is the best way to maximize the growth of your business. Your website should be able to attract and influence customers with better sales. If the website gets created without understanding the sales funnel, you will find attracting customers challenging.

Keeping these factors in mind, how can real estate websites attract and encourage customers to make a sale? We have listed some website design ideas you can try to make this easy. These designs will help you deliver an unparalleled user experience.

Let us get into the finer details.  

Best Realtor Web Designs

Take a look at these awesome real estate agent websites for genuine inspiration.
1. Presson

Presson is a drag-and-drop website builder. It helps users create websites quickly and effortlessly. Prior coding experience is not required to create a website using Presson. It allows you to customize it completely, add new sections and make your website user-friendly and engaging. Presson takes your online presence to the next level and gets your business booming.
2. Squarespace

Squarespace is a one-stop website construction tool noted for its beautiful website layouts. Creating your online presence, managing your website, and launching an online store is comparatively simple.

Squarespace provides a fantastic solution for new business owners thanks to its low cost and user-friendly layout. It is one of the best sites to make a solid first impression. You can do it yourself even if you are not good at coding. All you need to do is to select a carefully curated template. The only disadvantage is the inability to display street view. But when considering the pros, it will outweigh the cons.

3. Anir

Anir offers hosting and a free domain. It is highly flexible and helps you build your website quickly. Moreover, it helps you manage your website efficiently. The design is simple and pleasant, captivating visitors. With a few clicks and drags, you can create your website. Since everything is predefined, it is easy to build a real estate website with Anir. It provides a contact form, displays the location on Google Maps, and has a portfolio page where you can display the images and related details.

4. Coloradan

Simple yet effective is what makes Coloradan distinguished. It can be considered as a design guide as well. Its simple yet effective design will gain a wider audience. The template gives the reader insight into how to place content, CTAs, icons, and logos. Users will find the website appealing and easy to navigate. The home page design is fantastic and precisely what buyers love to see. It provides a large image for a detailed view and a short description as an explanation. It will help visitors get a clear picture of the home they plan to buy.  

5. City Sales

You should try City Sales. It has a unique real estate website design that you will love. The web components are placed well, and the homepage is known for perfection. Well-placed CTA and drop-down feature for the menu makes navigation easier. Try this template to create a user-friendly website and gain more potential customers.

6. The Force Realty

The Force Realty is known for its comprehensive search feature, in-depth agent biographies, and numerous widgets. These three additional distinguishing features set it apart from the competition. These features along the right side of the page link to their primary pages, press mentions, blogs, local retail information, luxury rental details, and much more. Of course, it helps the broker team with branding and maximizes the functionality of their real estate website design.

7. Tbilisi Garden

Tbilisi Gardens provides a comprehensive description of the entire project appealingly and innovatively. The website for this project is highly astounding, given its great objective to establish a handy, tranquil location in the middle of a busy city. Users can review the technical specifications, safety, energy effectiveness, and build quality. Because it incorporates the sidebar menu and the off-canvas menu, it also has user-friendly navigation. Aside from the homepage, other pages have a creative arrangement and simple design.

8. Property Club

Property club is a fantastic website design. You can consider it an excellent reference for your next real estate website design. Better home search, advanced search with fabulous background image, and well-placed CTAs make this site accessible and valuable for customers. Before deciding on your website design, you should check the Property Club, which will help you design a great site.

9. Level Barvikha

Level Barvikha is a perfect example for you to create a cost-effective property website. This website explains how to provide your property details to drive better sales leads. The background video, split-screen layout, and well-presented content make the site visually compelling. It would help if you went through their site to understand how to place various elements.

10. Rich Land Dubai

Rich Land Dubai is one of the most innovative and unique real estate websites. The homepage design uses a full-screen layout with all the required site elements and GSAP animation. It appealingly showcases the real estate using a fluid slider, CTAs, and a backdrop image. The user can quickly filter properties by a developer, neighborhood, and other criteria.

11. Newenham

Newenham is a real estate firm with a full-width image and a helpful call-to-action button at the bottom. The header identifies the off-canvas menu, logo, register, and books tour buttons. Photos and summaries of the properties display separately. The blog section and important dates and events also use the slider to draw attention to some featured content. It also shows its Instagram feed using a slider.

To Conclude,

Now you have a detailed list of sites, and templates you can refer to before creating a website, isn't it? Visit these sites and templates to get a fair idea of your ideal website design. If you opt for WooCommerce development or such popular platforms, this list will help you build a tangible online presence. Troll through these websites and templates in detail before zeroing in on a design.

Choosing the right website development platform carries much weight in making a high-quality website. Once you settle on the theme, discuss it with the developer and create a high-functional website for your eCommerce business. If you require SEO services, intimate your developer team. They are better positioned to help you choose the appropriate plugin that makes your SEO services perfect.

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