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Design Aptitude Test (DAT) is one of the most difficult entrance tests in India. This test is in association with the joint venture by MIT Institute of Design. This test is mainly taken to shortlist the candidates for the postgraduate and undergraduate programme.
The nature of the test
This test is taken for the job role of a fashion designer. This will help the hiring persons to understand how well a candidate is at designing art. These are basically for the designing industry. This includes different types of designing and like fashion designing, home décor, interior designing and many more.
Best tool for great team work
With this test, you will be able to make your team work a great success. You all can have good relations with each other. If you understand week and strong points of each other’s then working together will not be difficult in fact it will be a fun time. The design aptitude test is the best if you want to appoint people for some designing job in your company. This test will be able to check the ability to design.
The tests are result oriented
These tests are result oriented and you can fully rely on them. You can take group tests and see the results of all and make a comparative study. It will be a multiple choice type test and the candidates will be asked questions based on designing industry. They will have to complete the task in a limited period of time. This is the way you can also see their speed. There will also be negative marking for the wrong answer given. The tests are taken online to save money as well as time. You can find out the perfect candidate for the job role. This is the test that will get you the best results ad you can depend on the results obtained.
Time of the test
The tests are taken either before or after the test. One can also take the test at the time of interview to save the time.  The tests are taken at the convenient time. This test will help your time as well as money.
The sorts of tests
There are various kinds of tests and you can choose test that is as per the needs of the job role. If the job is of accountant you can take the numerical ability test. If the job is of the personal relation officer then you can take the verbal ability test. If the job role is of a designer then you can take the designing test. In this test, the questions will be based on the design and there will be some graphs and drawings involved. As per that you can understand how well a candidate can design a particular thing. There are different type of designing job roles like fashion design, interior design and many more.
The important benefits of the design aptitude tests 
The designing jobs are not simple and they need lots of skills and expertise. The candidate must be very skillful and artistic. You also need to check the creativity of the candidate through the tests and here is where the tests are helpful. These tests can be taken online as per your convenience. You can get the results immediately and hence you will not have to waste time for the recruitment and shortlisting process.  You can depend on the results as they are very perfect. You can also take an interview after the test is taken so that you can understand the candidate better. There are some of the things that you can understand only with the tests and only interview is not enough. The tests are in addition to a general job interview.
Tests the special skills
The tests will check the special skills of the candidate. Form the answers given you can check his ability and also special skills. If you get a good candidate and he will not keep leaving the job. This will help you to save your time for recruitment process again and again.
Get the best candidate
If you want to get the best candidate for a particular job role then only interview is not enough. You need to get these tests done to find out the skills and most suitable candidate for a job role. This is a best one for group recruitment as you can see how well a person can work in a team and how well that person will be able to adjust with others in a team. The tests will help you to make your team work a great success. This will also tell you how well a person can do a task.
Best tool for recruitment and shortlisting of the candidates
These tests are perfect tool to understand the candidate and appoint the most suitable candidate for the job role. These tests will also tell you how a person will behave under particular situations. This will help you when you appoint someone and start working as a team with the person. These tests are taken by the organizations where designing is involved or in a job where design is there. These are the best one for interior or fashion designing companies. The candidate will have to apply online before they appear for the test.
Self-verification tests 
The tests are not just general tests but they are also self-evaluation tests. You can see how well you can go with the candidate so that you can also understand them. With this test, you can also find out how well you can adjust with each other’s and understand other people in your group or team.
You need to first set the questions to be asked in the test. After that, you need to then ask the candidates to apply online. Then they can give the test at the suitable time. Once this is done, you can see the results. After that, you can shortlist the candidates. This is the way you can make your recruitment process complete.

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